Mothers from Cizre: Turkey must stop to attack against Kurdistan

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  • 13:14 31 March 2023
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ŞIRNAK - Mothers from Cizre, who condemned the ongoing attacks of Turkey despite the KCK's decision of inaction, said: "Turkey must stop its attack against Kurdistan."
After the earthquakes in Maraş, the KCK took a decision of inaction in its statement. KCK Co-Chair Besê Hozat extended the decision of inaction until the May 14 elections, in a statement she made recently. Against the statements of the KCK, Turkey's attacks against the Zap, Avaşîn and Metina regions of the Federated Kurdistan Region in April 2022 with the support of the KDP continue without slowing down. In its latest statement, the KCK warned that the AKP-MHP is preparing a comprehensive attack on the region before the elections.
Women in the Cizre district of Şırnak condemned Turkey's ongoing attacks and called for the attacks to be stopped.
One of the mothers, Nafiye Küçük (57) stated that the KCK's decision of inaction is very important and said: "The PKK does not take action, but Turkey attacks Kurdistan every day. Every day there is bombardment. The decision of inaction taken by the PKK is important because of the earthquake. We want no one to die and we want a solution. Our hearts hurt. but we do not want other mothers to be hurt. International powers are also ignoring this decision and condoning the attacks. Turkey should stop these attacks now."
Zeynep Yılmaz (58), one of the mothers, said: “If Turkey is in favor of peace, it should abide by this decision. We do not want mothers to cry anymore. We do not want anyone to die. Turkey also needs to stop its attacks. Turkey should declare a ceasefire. So many people died in the earthquake, but they did not stop their attacks. Turkey should respond to this decision and stop these attacks. Silence the weapon."
Pointing out that what is needed in this process is peace,  
Fatma Akça (68) said: "Erdogan should have a little conscience. Now we want our children to return to their homes. How long will these attacks continue, how far will mothers wait for them? Erdogan always insists on war. Erdogan must stop the war now."
Zeynep Ergen (69) asked both sides to stop the war and said: "We Kurds want nothing but peace. We want peace to come to this world. There is no right, there is no law. But we want them in Turkey. If the PKK took a decision of inaction, they must have stopped it too."