Seriously ill prisoner not release despite of being on a drip

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  • 14:13 1 December 2023
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ŞIRNEX – It was stated that the health condition of seriously ill prisoner İsmail Tanboğa, who has been under treatment in the hospital where he has been hospitalized in Amed for 29 days, is getting worse day by day. Father Abdullah Tanboğa wanted his son, who is on a drip, to be released and treated.

The health condition of seriously ill prisoner İsmail Tanboğa, who is in Diyarbakır Type T Closed Prison and has been hospitalized for 29 days, is getting worse day by day.
İsmail Tanboğa, who is arrested after being detained in Şirnex(Şırnak)'s Silopiya (Silopi) district in 2015 and sentenced to aggravated life imprisonment 4 times for political reasons, was diagnosed with stomach cancer at the hospital to which he was referred after his arrest; however, as a result of the examinations, it was stated that Tanboğa had serious gastritis and ulcers in his stomach, but no diagnosis could be made for Tanboğa's disease in subsequent examinations.
Tanboğa, who has many diseases such as "severe anemia, mouth, throat and back injuries, kidney diseases, tooth loss and severe vomiting", has been fed with food for three years. Tanboğa was taken to Diyarbakır Dicle University Hospital on November 3 after his health condition worsened. It was stated that the health condition of Tanboğa, who had been treated in the hospital for 29 days, is getting worse day by day.
Stating that he went to Amed on November 26 and met with his doctor to find out his son's health condition, Tanboğa's father, Abdullah Tanboğa said: "My son's health condition has reached a critical stage. The doctor who treated my son said that there was a narrowing in his urinary tract and he could not go to the toilet. He also stated that he had a mass in his lungs and a blocked vein in his head. The doctor said he weighs 35 kilos now. There was no increase in his weight during this time in the hospital. He has difficulty gaining weight because he vomits everything he eats. Doctors say they cannot diagnose his illness. They say there are two reasons why they cannot diagnose it. One said it was likely to be caused by hospital devices, and the other said it was a one in a million disease. He is currently on a drip in the hospital."
Tanboğa, who informed that his son would undergo surgery, said: “The doctor told us that they emphasized that the reason for the vomiting of the food he ate was psychological, and that they referred him to a psychiatrist, and the psychologist diagnosed it as not psychological. Doctors from Neurology, Urology, Cardiology and many other branches looked at it. But they cannot diagnose it. That's why doctors recommend that he be taken to Ankara or Istanbul and treated. They said that they could not send him to prison as long as his life was in danger. They are waiting for the hospital committee to meet and decide on this. There is excessive obstruction in the urinary tract. He cannot urinate. So he will have surgery in a week. We want him to be released as soon as possible and receive the necessary treatment."