Foreign Mİnistry statement on HDP


ANKARA - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey has responded to the reactions against the attempts to close the HDP, the third biggest political party at the Parliament, and HDP’s Gergerlioğlu, who has been stripped of his MP status.

After elected Member of the Parliament Ömer Faruk Gergerlioğlu from the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) was stripped of his MP status and a closure case was filed against the HDP, the third largest party of the Parliament, yesterday (March 17), both developments have been met with reactions and criticisms around the world.
While the US Department of State Spokesperson said that the possible dissolution of the HDP "would further undermine the democracy in Turkey", France 24 has defined the moves as "a political coup."
Amid these reactions from both states and media outlets, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey has released a written statement.
The Ministry has indicated that "the statements made by some countries regarding the developments at the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (TBMM) are not compatible with the principle of rule of law."
The statement of the Foreign Ministry has said, "Gergerlioğlu, against whom there is a final ruling of conviction, has been stripped of his MP status after the related final ruling was notified to the General Assembly in line with the Constitution and the Parliamentary Bylaw."
The Ministry has noted that "the process is about the enforcement of the rules of law, as it is also seen in other parliaments" of the world.
Referring to the closure case filed against the HDP, the Foreign Ministry statement has read, "The Chief Public Prosecutor of the Court of Cassation, within the frame of the Constitution and the Law on Political Parties, has applied to the Constitutional Court and requested the closure of the HDP on the grounds that they act in a manner that cannot be accepted by democratic and universal rules of law, act together with the PKK [Kurdistan Workers' Party] terrorist organization and the organizations affiliated with it and engage in activities as an affiliate of the organization."
"In this process, every has to wait for the ruling to be handed down by the Constitutional Court. Commenting on an ongoing judicial process means interfering with the law," the Ministry has indicated further.
"Political parties are indispensable elements of the democratic political life. That said, it is essential that they carry out their activities within the frame of universal and democratic rules of law and in peaceful ways," the Foreign Ministry has said and concluded as follows:
"We call on the circles that are inconsistent and attempt to interfere in domestic affairs to respect the judicial proceedings carried out by independent courts."