HDP's '1 month in earthquake' video: You will be called to account

ANKARA - Compiling the government's statements in the month since the earthquake, HDP shared a video with the message "You will be called to account".
The Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) shared a video that compiled the events that took place in the month after the earthquake that took place in Maraş on February 6th. “#1 months passed, we couldn't count our losses, we couldn't find a shroud for what we lost. We will not allow the denial of suffering or fascist delusions. But you will be called to account!” In the video shared with the note, "There is no state", AKP President Tayyip Erdoğan's insults to earthquake victims and politicians, and his confessions about the subject in Adıyaman, took place. In the video, which also includes MHP Chairperson Devlet Bahçeli's insults towards earthquake victims, the post-earthquake practices of Kızılay and AFAD, which came to the fore with tent trade, were included.
The video, which included the slogans of "Government should resign" rising from the earthquake area to the tribunes, gave the message "It's been 1 month, THE DATE IS STILL 6 FEBRUARY WE WILL CALL THEM TO ACCOUNT".