Aydeniz: Öcalan's physical freedom must be ensured


AMED - Stating that PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan's paradigm is hope for the people, DBP Co-Chair Saliha Aydeniz said: "Not only the Imrali gates must be opened, but physical freedom must be ensured."

The international conspiracy against PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan, which was the beginning of the Third World War, was the first step of the intervention of global powers in the Middle East. The conspiracy, which started in 1985 under the coordination of the United States of America (USA) and continued with the bomb assassination in 1996 with the involvement of many countries, continued when Abdullah Öcalan left Syria and opened up to the world on October 9, 1998, as a result of the pressure on the Damascus government. Abdullah Öcalan, who left the Middle East in order to bring the Kurdish issue to a democratic basis, was brought to Turkey on February 15, 1999, after a process that lasted 130 days and was described as "crucifixion".
This time, a "neutralization" plan was put into effect for Abdullah Öcalan, who was put in the specially designed İmralı Type F High Security Prison. The state of not receiving any news regarding Abdullah Öcalan, who has been prevented from seeing his lawyer and family for 25 years, has been continuing for 31 months.
Stating that the international conspiracy continues today with the Imrali isolation system with the insistence on war, Democratic Regions Party (DBP) Co-Chairperson, Saliha Aydeniz emphasized that despite all this, there is hope for the people of the world with the alternative created by Abdullah Öcalan against crises.
Stating that Abdullah Öcalan has been continuing his search for a democratic solution to the Kurdish issue since 1993, Aydeniz said: "Öcalan is seeking a solution with the leaders of the states in the Middle East. These states also had a hand in the conspiracy against PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan, who appealed to Europe for a democratic solution to the Kurdish issue. European states need to create a basis for this outburst of Mr. Öcalan, draw this outburst to a democratic point, and focus on the democratic solution of the Kurdish issue. Instead of playing its role and mission, it insisted on the nation state by delivering Mr. Öcalan to Turkey in a conspiracy. This paradigma of Öcalan is for people of the Middle East. This is also an indication that they want the Middle East and Kurdistan to be a permanent battlefield and a permanent area of profit; therefore, the reason why European States are in favor of war, not solution, is to insist on the continuity of the nation-state logic." 
Recalling Abdullah Öcalan's assessment of the Kurdish issue, "I can solve it in a week", Aydeniz said: "The only interlocutor who can stop this war going on in Turkey today, end this war, and bring it to democratic ground is Mr. Abdullah Öcalan. If this issue is to be resolved, the isolation of Mr. Abdullah Öcalan must end. Everyone should raise their voice and demonstrate their actions against this isolation, as isolation should not only be an issue for the Kurds but also for all Middle Eastern peoples. Therefore, we believe that this isolation imposed on Mr. Öcalan should not only be broken and the Imrali gates should be opened, but also the physical freedom of Mr. Öcalan should be created and the ground should be created where he can freely share his philosophy, thoughts and solution proposals with all segments of society.”
MA / Müjdat Can