Dr. Berwari: Türkiye has invaded Federated Kurdistan

ANKARA - Academician from Duhok University Dr. Kamuran Berwarî said that Turkey, to which the KDP has handed over its future, has invaded Federated Kurdistan with its military bases, economic power, cultural and educational aspects.
Turkey, which has built many military bases in different parts of the Federated Kurdistan Region, has been continuing its attacks on the region for years. Instead of opposing these policies, which have reached the level of occupation under the name of Turkey's fight against the PKK, the KDP cooperates and paves the way for these attacks by building roads in areas such as Zap, Metina and Avaşîn, where the attacks are concentrated. Although this policy, which damages inter-Kurdish unity, has been criticized, KDP insists on this stance.
Turkey, which continues to create contradictions among Kurdish forces and benefit from them, continues to bomb PKK areas, especially Qandil, with warplanes.
Vice President of the Academy of Democracy and Politics in the Federated Kurdistan Region, Duhok University Lecturer Dr. Kamuran Berwarî evaluated Türkiye's policies towards the region and the attitude of the KDP.
Beginning his speech by drawing attention that the continuous attacks against Federated Kurdistan and Northern and Eastern Syria are a dimension of the Third World War, Berwari said: "The cold war has been continuing since 1998, when PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan was removed from Syria. What is happening today in Southern Kurdistan, Rojava, Ukraine and Afghanistan is a dimension of the Third World War. Turkey's relations with the KDP are to create the ground for occupying the entire Kurdistan and stated that Turkey's cooperation with a part of the Regional Government is not in the interest of the Kurds.
Adding that it is not acceptable for KDP to act together with Turkey again, Berwarî underlined that "KDP has surrendered its own future to Turkey." Berwarî said: “The Kurdish people do not see KDP's cooperation with Turkey as correct and positive. Turkey has invaded Southern Kurdistan culturally and educationally with its military superiors and economic power. The situation in Southern Kurdistan is getting worse. Turkey has 2 thousand companies in Southern Kurdistan. These companies give 500 dollars a month to workers brought from Turkey. It gives 300 dollars to Kurdish workers. In addition, they receive Kurdistan's natural gas for free. They are again plundering nature and life. In the coming period, the Kurdish people will not accept these interests of neither the KDP nor Turkey. KDP has left its entire future in the hands of the current Turkish government."
Referring to the assassinations of patriotic Kurds in the Federated Kurdistan Region, Berwari said: "The perpetrators of the assassinations were the Turkish state and the KDP. Turkey is responsible for all the patriots who have been murdered in Bashur and Kurdistan so far. If the KDP and the Southern Government do not reveal these murderers, they are partners in these massacres. Recently, the KNK office was attacked at noon. Our friend Deniz Bülbül was killed in this attack. The KNK office is not a military office. The KNK office is a civilian office. The KNK office is under the control of public order and security units. Undoubtedly, if these people are being massacred in the middle of the day, the Southern Government and the Hewlêr government are responsible for this. Immediately after the death of our friend Deniz Bülbül, the authorities said that they had caught the murderer and that they would share the details later. But they did not make any statement afterwards. They are trying to make people forget this massacre little by little. After today, the authorities admitted that they were caught on the first day, even if they said 'we do not have the murderer'. Iraq and international justice institutions must hand over this murderer."
MA / Hakan Yalçın