Citizens arrive at Congress of the Green Left Party

ANKARA - Citizens have started to arrive at the hall where the 4th Grand Congress of the Green Left Party will be held.
Greens and Left Future Party (Green Left Party) is holding its 4th Ordinary Grand Congress. The address of the congress, which will be held with the slogan "Again for Freedom / Ji bo Azadiyê", is Ankara Atatürk Sports Hall. Thousands of people who came to the city for the congress from surrounding cities started to flow towards the hall early in the morning.
Citizens passing through three search points condemned the attacks on Northern and Eastern Syria and the Imrali isolation. Citizens frequently chanted slogans such as "Bijî Serok Apo(Long live Abdullah Öcalan)" and "Bijî berxwedana Rojava(Long live the resistance of Rojava)". A banner raised against civilian deaths in Northern and Eastern Syria was taken by the police.
While the citizens entering the hall made victory signs, women were seen attending the congress wearing local clothes.
At the congress, the new name of the party and new co-chairpeople will be determined today. The main agendas of the congress will be the Kurdish issue and the Imrali isolation. In the speeches, it is expected that messages will be given to both the opposition and the government for the solution of the Kurdish issue and the end of the conflict.