Hatimoğulları: The way to peace is the solution of the Kurdish issue


ANKARA-The Kobani conspiracy case is like the Inquisition Tribunals of the Middle Ages. I convey our greetings and love to the comrades in exile; to Gültan Kışanak, Sebahat Tuncel, Ayla Akat, Figen Yüksekdağ, Leyla Güven, Selahattin Demirtaş and their political hostage comrades who are unjustly and unlawfully held in prisons."

Unemployment, poverty, housing problems, unhappiness, hopelessness, and futurelessness are not destiny. You are not without options. We are here, we are with you. The history of struggle in Turkey and Kurdistan is full of pages led by the revolutionary, socialist and patriotic youth movement. It is time to expand a struggle against the fascist regime for a democratic and free future, in line with the socialism and revolutionary-patriotic spirit of the 21st century.
After the May elections, the government is again openly attacking people's beliefs and lifestyles. I call out to my pious brothers and sisters from here: It is time to stand against every mentality that exploits religion and politicizes Islam. Your words, stances and approaches are so valuable for 72 nations to live together. Dear Alevi dears! We will continue to stand by your struggle and stance "on the basis of equal citizenship rights" against the monist, sectarian mentality that marginalizes the Alevi community and does not accept it as a faith, as we have done so far. It is our duty to build a democratic Turkey in which everyone, whether believers or non-believers, can practice their faith and worship freely.
The AKP government does not tolerate even the slightest gain in favor of women. It is working hard to destroy these gains. We never accept that our co-presidency and equal representation system is targeted, women's institutions are closed down, they are rendered dysfunctional by trustees, the Istanbul Convention is usurped in the middle of the night, and our right to alimony is usurped. We will continue to resist and unite to fight against misogyny and the politics of hatred towards different sexual orientations. We will continue to hold accountable every woman murdered by men or disappeared in suspicious circumstances.
We will not stand by and watch child abuse, child deaths, and children being pushed to suicide in the dormitories of religious communities and sects controlled by the government. We will increase our organization and solidarity against poverty, unemployment and all kinds of labor exploitation. We will never accept that refugee women and disabled women are subjected to double, double discrimination.
We have a promise to our comrades who lost their lives in the women's freedom struggle, who were murdered by male state violence, and who were held hostage in prisons because they did not remain silent and did not pledge allegiance. We, women, will be the winners with the Women's Alliance and solidarity against the male-dominated mentality that attacks our body, our labor and our identity. We are the comrades of Roza Luxenburg, Klara Zetkin, Şirin Tekeli, Sakine Cansız, Hevrin Xelef and Nagehan Akarsel. We are the comrades of Jina Mahsa Emînî, who helped spread the slogan 'jin, jiyan, azadi' from Iran to the streets of the Middle East all over the world.
The Middle East is in a ring of fire. The people who have lived under the oppression of imperialism for centuries are in great pain. Human blood has been shed in this geography as much as the oil fought for. This geography is also the land of glorious resistance. The fight of the Kurdish people against ISIS in Rojava, together with the Arab people and the people of the region, is very meaningful. AKP's hostility towards Kurds and its insistence on a military presence in Rojava and Bashur are turning the region into a bloodbath. It commits war crimes by bombing civilians' living spaces. This should be abandoned immediately. This is our call to the Arab world in the presence of tens of thousands; The way to peace and tranquility in the Middle East is through solving the Kurdish and Palestinian issues. We invite everyone to fulfill their historical responsibility to solve these issues!
Let's eliminate the Imrali isolation regime to build peace. The biggest obstacle to the solution of the Kurdish issue is the isolation imposed on Mr. Öcalan. There has been no news from him for 32 months. The isolation must be lifted immediately and Mr. Öcalan must be freed as soon as possible.
Many civilians lost their lives in the ongoing conflicts between Palestine and Israel. We are very sorry and angry that civilians are also being targeted in the recent conflicts. My condolences to everyone. We reiterate our call to stop the clashes as soon as possible. Civilians are being massacred in attacks on Jerusalem, Al-Aqsa Mosque and Gaza. We reject Israel's occupation policy on Palestinian lands, which has been continuing for over a hundred years. Targeting and exposing women's bodies in war and conflict zones is a war crime and a crime against humanity. We never accept this. Deniz Gezmiş and Abdullah Kumral from the Kurdistan revolutionary movement fought to show solidarity with the oppressed Palestinian people and to learn from their struggle experiences. Today, we stand by the just struggle of the Palestinian people. The government, on the other hand, is shedding crocodile tears by exploiting religion for Palestine. And you cannot support the Palestinian people by attacking Kurds and then crying for Palestinian, Erdoğan, you should know this.
The Middle East has two bleeding wounds; Kurdish problem and Palestinian problem. Democratic confederalism is the only solution in the Middle East, which has been the scene of religious, sectarian and people's wars that have been provoked by imperialists and their local collaborators for centuries. Yes, within this framework, we invite all peoples to join the common internationalist struggle to build greater Middle East peace. The solution is the Democratic Confederalism developed by Mr. Öcalan.
We are the historical alliance of the oppressed and exploited in their struggle for rights, justice, freedom, peace and democracy against the dominant blocs. While the fascist-authoritarian regime is strengthening itself, we have a few words to say to the main opposition who wants to confine the struggle to elections and ballot boxes; The struggle takes place among the people in the fields, factories, streets, villages and neighborhoods. We have reconsidered our alliance policies. In the new period, we will establish the broadest social and democratic alliance together with our components and alliances.
I want to make a call from here; Every intellectual, writer, journalist, social democrat, feminist, patriot, everyone must take responsibility. Let's build this alliance.
The third way is a narrow, rough, long and arduous road. We are walking this path together with determined steps. In the 2nd century of the Republic; Together, we will establish the Democratic Republic in the second century, where workers, laborers, the poor, women, young people, those excluded because of their sexual orientation, nature and human rights defenders, Kurds, Alevis, all peoples and beliefs can live in free, equal, fair and peaceful conditions. Let's not lose another century. Let's solve the Kurdish issue, the Alevi issue, the problems of working people and women, which are the main problems of this country, together.