Bakırhan: Abdullah Öcalan's physical freedom must be ensured

ANKARA - Emphasizing that it is not possible for Turkey to achieve real democracy without ending the Imrali isolation system, HEDEP Co-Chairperson candidate Tuncer Bakırhan said: “We say lift the isolation now. Mr. Öcalan's physical freedom must be ensured."
The 4th Grand Congress of the Green and Left Future Party (Green Left Party) is being held with the enthusiasm of thousands. At the congress, where the physical freedom of PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan was demanded and the democratic solution to the Kurdish issue, Tuncer Bakırhan, the new name of the party, Co-Chairman candidate of the People's Equality and Democracy Party (HEDEP), spoke.
Referring to the deepening war politics in the Middle East through the Israeli-Palestinian war, Bakırhan said: "The resistance of the people against the understanding of occupation is legitimate. The AKP's condemnation of the attacks on Palestine, which targets civilians in Northern and Eastern Syria, is "hypocrisy", Bakırhan called for the status of Northern and Eastern Syria to be officially recognized by Turkey.
Bakırhan, condemned the isolation system and lack of news about PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan, underlined that Abdullah Öcalan's physical freedom must be ensured in order to solve all problems, especially the Kurdish issue.
My dear comrades; What is happening in Palestine is very familiar; the same suffering, deaths and losses are happening right next to us. There is a Rojava that was bombed by Turkey, left without water and electricity, and its mosques and places of worship were attacked and its right to life was ignored. Everyone should know that; The whole world is witness to what happened in Rojava. Those who want to turn the people's spring into a dark winter continue to attack, but those who resist for a humane life do not give up the struggle. My comrades, today, one of the biggest obstacles to democracy and freedom in the Middle East is the Palace regime. Those who attempt ethnic cleansing against millions of people living in Rojava in front of the world are, first of all, committing crimes against humanity, and this is a shame. We will not allow this crime against humanity. Everyone should see this hypocrisy, leaning on the Turkish-Islamic synthesis and becoming a peace dove in Palestine and a war machine in Rojava. We condemn this hypocrisy. It is clear that this fascist government wants to maintain the fascism of one nation and one state by imposing its monist mentality in the name of both religion and nationalism. Look what Erdoğan says about Palestine: 'We do not find any attack targeting civilian settlements justified. We believe that war also has a morality. Peace has no losers.' I'm calling out from here: How far will we go with this hypocritical policy? When it comes to the Kurds, we are faced with a regime that changes its tune very quickly. Hostility towards Kurds is your real policy, you are dishonest and hypocritical.
Rojava is a democratic living space, Rojava is a land of revolution, Rojava is a place where new life germinates and gives hope to the whole world. From a Democratic, Ecological and Women's Libertarian perspective, we are and will continue to be against the attacks on this unique democratic and equal life model built under the leadership of women. Stop these attacks immediately. I hereby appeal to all the international community that does not even close the airspace: Stop being a party to this crime. I want to state clearly here: Rojava's status must be officially recognized! This status should be recognized first by Türkiye!
The Kurdish issue is a usurpation of will, a trustee regime, blocking the right to politics, banning the Kurdish language, ecological destruction, the loss of thousands of politicians, dear Gültan Kışanak, Sebahat Tuncel, Ayla Akat, Figen Yüksekdağ, Leyla Güven, Selahattin Demirtaş, Günay Kubilay and Nazmi Gür hostage, it is dispossession of Kurds, it is Kurdification of poverty, it is leaving Kurds without graves, it is taking away their right to mourn. The Kurdish issue is the Kurds being left without status. There is a democratic solution to this issue. There is a solution to this issue. The solution is Mr. Abdullah Öcalan. In the person of Mr. Öcalan, democratic solutions, hope for peace and society are under isolation. There is absolute isolation in İmralı. The most important reason for this isolation is that Imrali insists on a democratic solution to the Kurdish issue. Isolation is the zero point of law. Isolation is the extreme point of denial in the Kurdish issue. The isolation in İmralı Prison, where a 'special law', a 'special regime' and 'special laws' operate, has been going on for 3 years. Hundreds of lawyers and institutions from around the world apply.
Standing against isolation means standing on the side of democracy. Every democrat, socialist, dissident and feminist who is in favor of solution and peace has the primary responsibility of fighting against isolation. It is not possible for Turkey to achieve a real democracy without ending the isolation regime; for this, conditions must be created in which Mr. Öcalan will play his role. The whole society bears witness to the efforts he made and the constructive role he played in the initiation and progress of the solution process. We are calling out to the entire public here: The right to peace of the people of Turkey is being usurped by isolation. We say stop to this now! Mr. Öcalan's physical freedom must be ensured. Azadi ji bo Öcalan(Freedom for Öcalan)!"