Call for 'Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan' at the DBP congress

AMED - Speaking at her party's congress in Amed, DBP Co-Chair Saliha Aydeniz called on all intellectuals and writers to "take action" for the physical freedom of PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan.
Democratic Regions Party (DBP) Amed(Diyarbakır) Provincial Organization held its 7th Ordinary Congress in a wedding hall in the city. The congress, attended by the People's Equality and Democracy Party (HEDEP), Free Women's Movement (Tevgera Jinên Azad-TJA), Peace Mothers, Kurdistani Alliance parties, representatives of non-governmental organizations and many people, started with a moment of silence after the council election.
Young people and citizens stood before the congress, sang the Çarxa Şoreşe March and frequently chanted the slogan "Biji Serok Apo(Long live Abdullah Öcalan)".
Speaking on behalf of the Council, Hasan Özgüneş, former MP of the People's Democratic Party (HDP) Şirnex(Şırnak), first greeted the participants. Stating that the Third World War is taking place in the Middle East today, centered on Kurdistan, Özgüneş emphasized that the salvation of Kurdistan and Turkey is PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan, who is held in İmralı Type F High Security Closed Prison.
Speaking later, DBP Co-Chair Saliha Aydeniz greeted those who filled the congress hall and touched upon the importance of the congress held against all attacks. Reminding that we are going through a critical process, Aydeniz said: "We will continue to organize against attack, pressure and difficulty. The Third World War was waged by the capitalist system in the Middle East. The Kurds are exposed to more attacks because they have built their own system against the crisis and chaos created by the capitalist system."
Stating that the same massacres carried out by Israel against Palestine were carried out by Turkey in Northern and Eastern Syria, Aydeniz said: “The silence of those who speak out for Palestine about the attacks in Rojava is a clear sign of hypocrisy. The war being waged today in Rojava is between capitalist modernity and democratic modernity. There are attacks on the system created under the leadership of women in Rojava. Today, the Turkish state plays the role of Israel in the lands of Kurdistan. For this reason, we condemn the attacks."
Stating that every day we wake up to a new political operation and drawing attention to the violations in prisons, Aydeniz said:"We salute the prisoners who resist all pressures and violations in prisons. The prisons are intended to be turned into torture and death houses with the isolation policy."
Stating that freedom and democracy for the Middle East and Kurdistan will be possible with an honorable peace, Aydeniz said: "The key to this is in the hands of Abdullah Öcalan in İmralı. Everyone, especially intellectuals and writers, should take action against the isolation policy carried out in İmralı. Everyone should stand up for Mr. Öcalan's freedom. We will also be standing. Abdullah Öcalan should play his role and mission for an honorable peace. The isolation should be lifted for this."
Drawing attention the importance of the Third Way, Aydeniz said that they will struggle to achieve success in the local elections. Aydeniz ended his speech by thanking the old administration and wishing success to the new administration to be elected.
Following the speeches, financial and activity reports were read. Later, in the election held with a single list, Sultan Yaray and Mehmet Şirin Gürbüz were elected as Amed Provincial Co-chairperson.