Öztürk: The Kurdish issue should also be addressed like the Palestinian issue

ISTANBUL - Stating that the "restraint" call made for attacks on Palestine should also be made for Northern and Eastern Syria, EHP Chairperson Hakan Öztürk said: "The Kurdish issue should be addressed just like the Palestinian issue."
The state of war, which Hamas started with counter-attacks against Palestine following the attacks against Israel called the "Aqsa Flood" on October 7, has entered its 21st day. More than a thousand civilians lost their lives in Hamas attacks, and at least 6 thousand civilians, including 2 thousand children and women, died in Israeli attacks. It is noteworthy that Turkey, which continues its attacks targeting civilians and infrastructure in Northern and Eastern Syria, offered a "guarantor" to ensure a ceasefire in the Israeli-Palestinian war. Hakan Öztürk, Chairperson of the Labor Movement Party (EHP), evaluated the Israeli-Palestinian war that broke out again and the policy followed by Turkey.
 Hakan Öztürk, Chairperson of the Labor Movement Party (EHP)
Emphasizing that Hamas's ideological line does not take into account attacks against civilians, Öztürk said: "Here we see historically that: It makes a big difference that the national movements, both in Palestine and in the world, have been carried out by the left to date. The Left pursues the brotherhood of peoples and ultimately a relationship of achieving peace. He is not nihilistic and limits his actions to a certain format. In that respect, the difference between a left-wing struggle and other non-left struggles emerges here.”
Underlining that Turkey looks at the Kurdish issue "instantly" and "superficially", but looks at the Palestinian issue differently, Öztürk said: "After the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire, the 'Turkish nation-state' system was adopted and the Kurdish issue emerged in this period. In this sense, we should think about whether there is an issue expressed by the Kurdish movement. This is exactly an issue that we can compare with the Palestinian issue, and we should make a comparison. As borders change in many parts of the world, there is a debate about identity and nation. In that sense, the current discussion of the Palestinian issue can be compared to the Kurdish issue. After all, the Kurdish movement says, 'my goal is language, I want status' in its struggle. It raises an issue. We should address the Kurdish issue the same way we address the Palestinian issue. We must reveal every aspect of the Kurdish issue that we have neglected."
Noting that the government warned "Let's be moderate" despite the deaths of civilians in Palestine, Öztürk said: "Why don't Turkish officials say to themselves, 'Let's not be impulsive, let's be moderate and solution-oriented' regarding the Kurdish issue and Rojava. This was said by the AKP government during the solution process. So these can be said. From that perspective, Erdoğan's approach to the Palestine issue can be considered. If Turkish administrators can say, 'Let's not approach the issues in Palestine impulsively'. They should not say, 'We can come suddenly one night' regarding other issues. There is a possibility of violence here.The Kurdish issue should also be addressed like the Palestinian issue."
MA / Ömer İbrahimoğlu