Uçar and Bayındır became the new Co-Chairpeople of DBP

ANKARA - In the elections held at the 6th Extraordinary Congress of DBP, Çiğdem Kılıçgün Uçar and Keskin Bayındır were elected as the new Co-Chairpeople.
Democratic Regions Party (DBP) held its 6th Extraordinary Congress at Ankara World Trade Center. Banners such as "No to isolation, peace right now", "Democratic solution to the Kurdish Issue", "Jin, jiyan, azadî" and "Ziwanê Kurdkî wa bibo ziwanê fermî(Kurdish language should be official language)" were hung in the hall where the congress was held. In addition to the Peace Mothers, many representatives of non-governmental organizations and citizens attended the congress.
People's Equality and Democracy Party (HEDEP) MPs Gülderen Varlı and Vizier Coşkun Parlak were elected as Congress Council Co-Presidents. Speaking after the moment of silence in memory of those who lost their lives in the struggle for democracy, Coşkun sent greetings to political prisoners. Coşkun said: "The congress will lead to the freedom of PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan. May all our friends have a safe path."
Drawing attention to the attacks against Kurds in her speech, DBP Co-Chair Saliha Aydeniz said: the Kurdish people are fighting against fascism, Aydeniz said, "The state, which used all kinds of means against the Kurds, could not subjugate the Kurds. We are fighting for our future. This struggle is the freedom of the Kurdish people. We will fight this struggle together with our people wherever we are. DBP is today fighting for those who resist in prisons and for the Kurdish people. We will fight in every field against the isolation imposed on the Kurdish people and their leadership. This will continue until Mr. Öcalan and the Kurdish people are free. We will definitely gain freedom."
Expressing that DBP has 30 years of struggle experience, DBP Co-Chairperson Keskin Bayındır said: “Hundreds of our friends lost their lives on this path. We are walking today with their struggle. From now on, DBP will continue with the strength and path it took in the past. We will continue our struggle in every field. A great isolation is imposed on Öcalan. As DBP, we are determined to break this isolation. We will break the isolation and ensure Öcalan's physical freedom. Today, capitalist states want to destroy the Kurds. That's why we will fight for Kurdish national unity. We will fulfill these responsibilities."