HEDEP: We will overthrow the trustees

ANKARA - In the final declaration of the "Democratic Local Governments Conference" organized by HEDEP, a self-criticism was given regarding the trustee policy and it was said that "The upcoming elections are the elections to return the municipalities, which are the homes of the people, to the people, to socialize politics and to knit the Democratic Republic starting from the most local level."
The final declaration of the "Democratic Local Governments Conference '' organized by the People's Equality and Democracy Party (HEDEP) Local Governments Board on Sunday under the title "To democratic local governments with organized society" was shared. In the declaration shared in Kurdish and Turkish, it was stated that the conference was about Turkey and ISIS as well as It was noted that it was attributed to the women and children murdered after the attacks of similar forces against Northern and Eastern Syria.
In the declaration, politicians detained in prisons were not forgotten and greetings were sent to all political prisoners.
The following messages were included in the declaration:
"The 2023 elections did not reach the desired level of success for the people who aim for the democratization of Turkey. Injustice, inequality and economic crisis spreading throughout society continue to grow. The authority's desire to be managed from a single hand and center is one of the main reasons for the multiple crisis situation we are experiencing today. We will insist on local and decentralized management against those who want to expand the monist understanding of government.
The fight we started with HDP in the elections of March 31, 2019; They tried to prevent it with all kinds of pressure, fear, intimidation and threats. All coercive devices under the control of the government were put into action to prevent our political struggle from becoming socialized. Despite the continuous unlawfulness and practices that ignored people in the first century of the Republic; We have to expand the social struggle to make the second century of the Republic democratic.
The idea of a Democratic Republic put forward by Mr. Öcalan reveals that a more equal and free Turkey is possible. The Imrali isolation carried out by Mr. Öcalan has today turned into a practice that left all the people of Turkey breathless. For this reason, we will expand the social struggle to break the isolation that is being maintained in İmralı today and we will express our demand for Mr. Öcalan's physical freedom in every field we are in.
Co-presidency is a democratic management model based on the concept of radical democracy. We have never, and will not, make concessions against the approaches of the male-dominated government and the masculine mentality, which have turned to this model that we have been implementing since 2006. In the past, we started to encounter ideas that discussed co-presidency, equal representation and our zipper system. Dozens of our female elected officials were detained and held captive after the government accused the co-presidency system of a crime. Our female elected officials did not step back from defending the co-presidency system. While so much has been paid, we will fight in every field against masculine approaches infiltrating our local governments. We will continue to implement our basic principles of co-chairmanship, equal representation and the zipper system, including the candidacy processes. We will never compromise on our purple line.
We will overthrow trustees who disregard the will of the Kurdish people. We will win with the struggle for women's freedom. We will send the AKP-MHP alliance from Kurdistan by winning many new municipalities. We will ensure that people participate in government wherever they are throughout Turkey, and we will give the strongest answer to the centralist mind by bringing the Democratic Local Government understanding to the society. The upcoming elections are the elections to return the municipalities, which are the people's home, to the people, to socialize politics and to build the Democratic Republic, starting from the most local level.