İstanbul Convention is not implemented: 13 women killed in 10 days

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  • 11:57 31 August 2020
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DİYARBAKIR - Women emphasizing the importance of the İstanbul Convention following the murder of 13 women in the last 10 days, stated that this is a gendercide against women. 

While the reactions to the release of Specialist Sergeant Musa Orhan, the perpetrator of the rape of İpek Er, who, as a result, ended her life, continued, Remziye Yoldaş was murdered by her husband Remzi Yoldaş, who escaped from prison. With the death of Yoldaş, the number of women who died in Turkey increased to 15. 13 of these women were murdered by men, while the other two reported as suspicious death.
Stating  that all segments of society, especially women, were subjected to violence by law enforcement officers as a result of the policies implemented by the government, Education and Science Workers Union (Eğitim Sen) Diyarbakır No.1 Branch Co-chair Emine Akşahin said that law enforcement officers used their uniforms as an armour in violent incidents.
Reminding what happened to İpen Er in Batman, Akşahin said: "İpek's life shouldn't have been this cheap. The release of Musa Orhan is unacceptable. The courts are acting as a tool that decides in line with the demands of the government."
Stating that the femicides in the metropols are especially indicating the system created by the government, Akşahin said: "They are trying to make these murders a part of our lives. They are trying to normalize these murders. We don't accept that. We will stand up against all efforts of the government to supress us. To make us 'obey'. When the women stands up against this as one, every segment of Turkey will join us."
Mentioning the withdrawal discussion from the İstanbul Convention, Akşahin said: "If Turkey had implemented the convention, İpek Er, Nadira Kadirova, Remziye Yoldaş would have been alive today. If they had processed the first application of these women to the police station, these women would have been alive. The only reason these women died is that the convention is not being implemented properly."
MA / Arjin Dilek Öncel