Nagihan Akarsel: We are at the time of freedom

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  • 16:50 5 October 2022
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NEWS CENTER - In her last article in Özgür Politika, Nagihan Akarsel described the attack against the Kurds 'a concept of a all out attack by nation states" and said: "If the heart stops, life stops. We are at the time of doing everything in our power to protect our hearts."
Nagihan Akarsel, who was murdered in the city of Slemani in the Federated Kurdistan Region, left a legacy of a strong struggle experience with her work in the field of women. In Akarsel's last article published in Yeni Ozgur Politika, published on April 28, 2021, she gives important messages to all Kurds, especially women, about how the male-dominated mentality dominates women first and then society, and points out to a solution to this.
The article called 'Intuition of a strom" is as follows: 
"Genocide is a violation of time.. A violation of heart, a violation of land, life.. Yes. It is a violation of heart. Because the heart symbolises the essence of the soul. A person lives without a kindey. Without their legs, bladder.. Remove one lung, a person lives. A person lives without an arm or their spleen. A person lives. Maybe it would not be best to call that living, but they can survive. Even when some brain functions are gone, a person continues to live. Remove the heart..That person loses their lives.. Because the heart is the land, it is the life. The heart is a guerilla in Kurdistan. Genocide is a decision of exile. It is a decision of exile, massacre, death.. The fate of staying on the shores of exile… To stay on the edge of pain, longing, love… The initial instruction of the massacre, the decision to die while living… Not being able to find a safe heaven for the feelings overflow from your heart...The decision of never being able to settle. Being left at the door of those harbour the feeling of longing for home.. The decision of shedding the tears that left hanging from your broken eyelashes into yourself for a lifetime. The decision of sorrow and embarressment..
Genocide is the first and fundamental method of the alliance of men betraying women. The method of Marduk, who, while contemplating the betrayal of Tiamat, stipulated that 'no word should be spoken on my word, the names of gods and goddesses should be given to me'… 
Kadın ile erkek arasındaki ilk kırılmanın mitolojik anlatımında karşımıza çıkan ilk soykırım hikayesi… Kadının ve doğanın tahakküm altına alınması ile başlayan, erkekliğin dışında kalan erkeğin çıkmazları ile derinleşen bir hikaye. Ve adım adım tüm toplumu hücrelerine kadar esir alan bir zihniyetin ifadesi… The first genocide story that appears in the mythological narrative of the first break between men and women… It is a story that begins with the domination of women and nature, and deepens with the dilemmas of men who are left outside of masculinity. And the expression of a mentality that enslaves the entire society to its cells, step by step…
And this story comes to our day starting from Sumer, Babylon, Akkad, Assyria. Hearts were violated. Exiles never ended.. This mentality was instrumentalised by nation-states. It survived by creating marginals. It never gave up the mentality of destruction and domination strategy, which is the reason for its existence. It considered destroying all philosophical, political, cultural alternatives that believe in the meaning of universe, that distill freedom from this meaning, its cause of existence. However.. This existence is shaken to the core. Things didn't go their way. It is scared now. Very scared. The intuiton of this storm started with the sentence, "Kurdistan is a colony". That sentence contained annexation, destruction, denial and betrayel. Criticism, threat, isolation. And genocide, which is the sum of all of them. This is how Rêber Abdullah Öcalan created the discipline of organising against this, of being a will and defying the world…
He cultivated a life based on the unity of the people, he cultivated a struggle based on democracy, ecology, women's freedom. He never gave up on believing in women. He said: "Every weed turns green on their own roots". And there was Rojava revolution. The wills of Mesopotamia and Anatolia united, and it became the HDP. Guerilla irrigated its land with the essence of life step by step from Mount Zagros to the Andoks. It has become the conscience of the world by growing like a banyan tree that multiplies its roots. And this conscience created the international militants of the freedom struggle. Dungeons have always managed to be the leading force in the most critical times.
The phrase 'decision of genocide' is an intuition of a storm. Reality... This decision has existed since the enemy attached the absence of Kurds to its existence. Now we are at a tipping point. Now the chips are down. We are now face to face with a historical opportunity to avange our values, buried under pavements so that they do not re-unite with essence of the soil, our values that were left on our laps in containers and sacks, our mothers who bled out in the middle of the street, our children crushed by armoured vehicles, our annexed lands and our forests that have been burned to the ground. What happened in Metîna, Zap, Avaşîn, Shengal, Qamishlo, Kobanê, Kirmansha, Silêmanî and Amed was the concept of all-out attack by nation states. Guerilla is fighting back with this awareness. The fight of the guerilla is the end of them. They know this. They know this very well. Because heart is a guerilla in Kurdistan. If the heart stops, life stops. We are at the time of doing everything in our power to protect our hearts."
Journalist-Researcher-Author. She was born in Konya Cihanbeyli. After graduating from Gazi University, Faculty of Communication, Department of Journalism, she received a one-year master's degree at Ankara University, Institute of Social Sciences, Department of Women's Studies. She worked as a reporter and editor at Dicle News Agency (DİHA). She wrote a column for Özgür Gündem, Daily, and Yeni Özgür Politika newspapers. She is one of the founders of Free Women Magazine. She is a member of Jineology Magazine. Her articles were published in many magazines including Democratic Modernity and Jineology. She was working on a book containing her work in Jineology Academy before she was killed with 11 bullets...