Women calls to go to Dersim as one

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  • 11:19 20 January 2020
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ANKARA - Women attended to the HDP 3rd Women's Conferance made a call for all women to go to Dersim as one for Gülistan Doku who has been missing for 16 days.

The fact that Munzur University student Gülistan Doku, who has been missing in Dersim since January 5, is still not found, was also on the agenda of women attending the 3rd Women's Conference, which was held at the HDP weekend.
Attending the conference Hulya Ertas stated that with Gülistan Doku being missing, the missing persons and harassment increased in Dersim and said: "This is the practical equivalent of the unsolved murders tradition of Turkey and the masculine discourse of the current government."
Expressing that this issue should be heard, Gonca Yangör said: "They are trying to cover this up. All women shoould go to Dersim as one. This is my call to the women, lets set a date and go to Dersim as one."