'Erdoğan will pay a heavy price if he insists on going to war'

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  • 12:29 5 August 2022
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ANKARA - Stating that Turkey could not get approval from Russia, Iran and USA to attack North and East Syria, HDP's Hişyar Özsoy said: "If Erdoğan enters a war that no one wants in this balance of power and position, he will have to pay a very heavy military and political price for it."
AKP's President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Russia State President Vladimir Putin will get together today in Soch. With the elections in discussion, Erdoğan continues to give signals for a new operation in North and East Syria. While Russia's war against Ukraine continues along with the veto crisis, Turkey attacked the Xakho village of Iraq, killing 9 Arab tourists.
HDP Deputy Chair of the Foreign Affairs Commission, Hişyar Özsoy, evaluated the developments in Iraq, his diplomatic contacts regarding Turkey's new attack on Northern and Eastern Syria, and the results to the Mesopotamia Agency (MA).
Reminding that the attacks in Iraq were not new and that more than 130 Kurdish civilians lost their lives in the attacks after 2015, Özsoy said, "Unfortunately, when Kurds are the ones getting killed, it was seen once again that it did not matter in the general public of Iraq, in the attitude of the Kurdistan Regional Government, and in the international public opinion. Due to the pressures from the Arab countries after Zaxo, Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein and the Kurdistan Regional Government took a clear stance. When so many Kurds died in Turkey attacks before, no one spoke out. It was demanded that Turkey withdraw from Iraq militarily. It was taken to the UN, but nothing has changed in practice. Turkey's bases and soldiers are still there, the bombings and attacks continue."
Özsoy stated that after the Zaxo massacre, Turkey had to change its offensive position into a defensive position. 
Foreseeing that the continuation of instability in Iraq will strengthen the AKP government in the region, Özsoy said, “In the long run, if the internal turmoil, lack of government, conflict and chaotic environment in Iraq continues, Turkey will find a more settled position there because Turkey is a NATO country. Europe is disturbed by the negative developments and conflict situation in Syria and Iraq, and fears the arrival of new refugees and jihadist organisation members. Therefore, if tension increase in Iraq and Syria and a civil war comes into question, it may also be an occasion for the West to give Turkey a greater role. After all, Turkey is NATO's spearhead in the Middle East."
Stating that Erdoğan needs a military victory in Syria before the elections, Özsoy underlined that Turkey could not get an approval for the operation from the USA, Iran and Russia. Pointing out to the statement of the German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock who visited Turkey last week and told that they think a possible operation would be a wrong move, Özsoy said: "This is the first time Germany takes such a stance. A similar statement came from the Foreign Minister of Sweden as well as Europe and USA. Erdogan is trying to get Russia's consent, but Iran has taken a very clear position in the Astana talks. However, Turkey that has not been able to convince the international community and the United States and Russia can carry out an operation."
Stating that a possible operation against Syria would bring extra risks, especially at a time when the anti-Turkey sentiment in the Arab community is on the rise, Özsoy continued as follows: "The focus is on Til Rıfat and Manbij. Iranian militia, Syrian army, Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are located there. The situation of conflict and war means that the Syrian and Iranian armies as a whole will also be involved in the war. While Turkey dreams of a victory, it may experience a great military defeat. Iran has made it very clear that it does not approve of this. A war there will not be between the Kurds and the Turkish-backed gangs and army. It will be a much larger regional war. A new invasion of Rojava is on the agenda before the elections, and they will do it whenever they find the opportunity.”
Regarding Turkey's veto on the request of Sweden and Finland to join NATO in order to allow the operation against Syria, Özsoy made the following assessment: “A memorandum was signed between Sweden, Finland and Turkey. At some stage in the accession process, the parliaments of all member states must approve the memberships of Sweden and Finland. While 29 NATO member countries say they will approve, Çavuşoğlu and Erdoğan insisted that they will not approve if their demands are not met. The extradition of the names Erdoğan wants is not the real negotiation there. Erdogan is in a bigger bargain with NATO. It is trying to lay the groundwork to stay in power, especially with the USA, England and France. He wants a war in Syria because he thinks it will strengthen his stay in power at home. Erdogan wants the west and NATO to keep him in power.
Stating that NATO and the West invite Turkey to play an important role in the political, military and geopolitical areas, Özsoy said that Erdogan-Bahçeli's only focus is their hostility against the Kurds, and said, “Instead of focusing on designing Europe, Scandinavia and the Black Sea, Erdoğan's only focus is to push back the Kurds. If Turkey dares to attack Rojava, it will not be a piece of cake situation. Turkey may pay a great price for it."
MA / Berivan Altan