Scores detained in Diyarbakır: People tortured at home

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  • 13:31 17 December 2022
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AMED - It was stated that nearly 20 people were detained in the house raids carried out in Diyarbakır in the morning upon a report. It was reported that those detained during house raids were tortured.
It was stated that nearly 20 people were detained in house raids in Diyarbakır early this morning. The detainees were tortured during the raids. It was reported that the doors were closed so that the neighbors could not see the torture.
While the doors were broken with rams, the houses of the people were stormed. It was stated that the detainees were taken to the Diyarbakır Provincial Security Directorate.
It was learned that cinema photographer Suphi Orhan, whose house was raided in the morning, was beaten by the police. A young man named Muhsin Acar, who was detained at his home, was tortured in his home. It was stated that Acar, whose nose was broken, had swelling and bruises on his mouth and face. The blood flowing from Acar's nose reflected to the photographs along with the bloodstains on the carpets in the house. The Acar family described the torture as follows: “The door was banged, we opened it. As we opened, the cops came in. They laid us on the ground. Then they put Muhsin in a room and us in a room. We could hear his voice. They broke Muhsin's nose. There were traces of blood on the carpet. They said that there was a warrant for the detention of Muhsin and took Muhsin away. They searched the house for 2 hours.”
The names of those detained are as follows: Filmmaker Suphi Orhan, Mazlum Kardaş, Fermandar Kardaş, Sohbet Yıldız and Muhsin Acar.
It is not known why they were detained, as there is a restraining order in the file regarding the detentions.