HDP Youth Council member threatened with family at police station

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  • 10:15 19 August 2020
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AĞRI- HDP Ağrı Youth Council member Muhammet İlhan was summoned from the police station even though there is no investigation against him and he was threatened with his family by the police.
Muhhamet İlhan (22), a member of the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Youth Assembly, was called by an unknown number when he was in Doğubayazıt district of Ağrı on 12 August. Later, people who introduced themselves as police officers wanted to meet with İlhan. İlhan went to the Doğubeyazıt District Police Headquarters. He was stopped by some people with a white car and forced into the car. When he resisted not to get into the car, he was taken to Anti-terror unit and was questioned by 2 police officers.
İlhan said: "They started to ask me questions about my future. They asked questions about HDP Headquarters employees. Then I was threatened with my family. They told me where my sister and father worked. They told me that if I todl anyone what happened there, they would hurt my family and their business. They asked me questions about a HDP campaign. They told me that they wanted to be like a big brother to me and said that HDP was not a legal party.
İlhan, who was released after his unofficial interrogation at the police station, he was threatened by the police again after two days. Stating that the officer who threatened him on the street was one of the officers who questioned him, İlhan said the threats must end.