HDP Youth calls to 'march of freedom'

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  • 13:45 11 June 2020
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VAN - HDP Youth Assembly Spokesperson Betül Ünsal who invited everyone who wants to have a say for the future to the march to be held in scope of the 'Democratic Struggle Program', said this will be the march to freedom.
Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Youth Assembly continues organizing within the scope of the program launched by HDP with the slogan "Democratic struggle". Evaluating the aforementioned works, HDP Youth Assembly Spokesperson Betül Ünsal called on all young people who have a word for the future to join and gather around the "Democratic struggle" program.
Stating that they are trying to establish a common struggle by coming together with democratic and socialist youth institutions all over the country, Ünsal said: "the march to be held on June 15 will be the first step of the joint struggle."
Drawing attention to the policies against the Kurdish youth, Ünsal said: "Struggle comes to the fore in a period when they are trying to make the Kurdish youth apolitical. Our aim is to expose these practices and gather the youth around the struggle."
Stressing that the current system is deepening the problems rather than finding solutions for them, Ünsal said: "The youth is facing many problems today. The capitalist system is deepening the problems rather than solving them. In this point of view, we have to discuss what we can do. We have to see that it is possible to create a new life with joining our forces."
Calling the youth to the march, Ünsal said: "We must see the policies developed by AKP and MHP as an attack against the youth. We have to unite against these attacks. We think of the 'Democratic struggle program' as a march to freedom. Us, the youth, have to march to this future shoulder to shoulder. We are calling to the democratic, socialist and public minded young people to join forces with us and clamp together around our struggle."