19:00 politics
Investigation on the HDP right after 5th congress
17:57 actual
Buldan and Sancar re-elected
17:53 politics
Photo story of HDP congress
16:08 actual
Sancar shows way to solutions: Don’t play games over Imrali
14:00 actual
HDP congress participants from Europe: We saw the spirit of the Kurdish people
13:18 editor's pick
Buldan: We are the solution, we will overthrow the government
10:06 actual
Tens of thousands in ankara for HDP congress
19:55 actual
Kidnapped Orhan was walked around the cemeteries, his nude photos were taken
19:53 actual
Attack on refugees in Osmaniye: Many refugees injured
15:17 editor's pick
Torture in prison on camera: Battered, dragged, put naked in a cell where water was poured
13:09 actual
Oluç: Our Congress will be a continuation of the message given at Newroz
17:11 actual
New application submitted by Öcalan's family and legal guardian
17:10 actual
Journalist Safiye Alağaş: Journalists are the breathing of society
16:05 actual
Attorney Akipa: Meeting with Öcalan must be ensured
15:06 actual
Journalist Eryılmaz: The society is being targeted with the censorship law
13:17 actual
Demirtaş: The most effective peace maker is Öcalan
14:26 actual
The rangers were sent back after no progress was made in the attack
14:13 actual
Surveillance Camera placed in the operation area
13:54 actual
Şenyaşar family: Why do they not see this mother?
13:52 actual
Press organizations: Struggle against censorship and oppression is a must
12:18 actual
Lawyers of Öcalan submit second application in a week for a meeting with their client
11:01 actual
Prison sentence for journalist Abdurrahman Gök
14:30 actual
Ferit Şenyaşar: In the end, justice will win
14:26 actual
'Criminal complaint against torture by prison guard
13:26 actual
Tens of thousands to flock to HDP Congress from Istanbul
11:32 actual
Dede: They are trying to create a buffer zone in Yüksekova
16:12 actual
Aysel Tuğluk appears on SEGBIS in Kobané Case
15:45 actual
Şenyaşar family warns about elections
15:37 actual
Lawyers battered at the police station: They want to leave the Kurds defenseless
14:18 actual
A lawsuit has been filed against Xwebûn Newspaper grant holder Esen
12:40 actual
Lawyers of Öcalan submit new application for a meeting with their client
12:31 actual
Elderly Özer couple has been in prison for 51 days: This torture should be ended now
11:13 actual
The battery of villagers proved with medical reports
11:10 actual
'Victims of Suruç Massacre put on trial'
13:49 actual
Journalist signing her work with names of imprisoned journalists: Condemning is not enough
12:35 actual
Dicle Culture and Art Center raided by police
12:28 actual
Şenyaşar family: Everything we do is for a just Turkey
11:05 actual
Raid on Binevş Culture and Art Association: Scores detained
10:45 actual
Turkish soldiers battered villagers and attorneys after raid on a village
14:02 actual
Saturday Mothers at Galatasaray Square: Scores detained, journalists battered
11:57 actual
Şenyaşar family: The persecution should be stopped
11:32 actual
Political observer Eli: The government has turned Federated Kurdistan into a den of spies
10:34 actual
226 Afghan refugees deported from Turkey
14:00 actual
HDP discussing candidate for presedential elections
12:38 actual
New application submitted by Öcalan's family and legal guardian
12:23 actual
DFG Co-chair Altan: We still don't know what we are accused of
11:46 actual
Journalist Alagaş: Your cruelty will not be able to silence women journalists
11:33 actual
Journalist Koçuk: We will continue to write for them as well
14:14 actual
'The judicial year ends before Şenyaşar family is paid their debt for justice'
12:57 actual
Lawyers of Öcalan submit new application for a meeting with their client