The 'Dagger Squad' has been reactivated

ŞIRNAK - The 'Dagger Team' which was used in the dirty war against the Kurds, was reactivated and sent to the tunnels in Zap, Metîna and Avaşîn.
The "Dagger Team", which is known as the criminal network that was used in the dirty war against the Kurds was sent to the Zap, Metîna and Avaşîn regions of the Federated Kurdistan Region, where the attacks continued in cooperation with the AKP-KDP. The "Dagger Team", which was involved in kidnapping, invasion, extortion, death, torture, sexual assault and various crimes in the 1990s, came to the fore again with its inclusion in the attacks.
The "Dagger Team", the epicenter of which is Botan, was reactivated after the AKP-KDP's cross-border attacks failed to yield results. "Dagger Team", headed by Şenobalı Hazım Babat, one of the darkest names of the 90s, is still managed by his family today.
The "Dagger Team", which is mostly located in Uludere, was led by the head of the rangers, Mehmet Paksoy, for many years. The "Dagger Team", whose leader could not be learned after 2017, came to the fore again with cross-border attacks.
Hazım Babat's brother Alihan Babat has been the head of the rangers for years however after Alihan Babat became the Mayor from the AKP, Zübeyir Babat, another brother has become the head of the rangers. After Paksoy was murdered, Zübeyir Babat was appointed as the head of the "Dagger Team", and Mesut Babat, the son of Hazım Babat, was made the head of the rangers. It has been learned that the "Dagger Team", which was sent to the cross-border attacks of Turkey and took part in the attacks in Cudi, Gabar and Besta, was led by Zübeyir Babat, with the instruction of Hazım Babat himself.
It was stated that the "Dagger Team" established by Babat and consist of 16 people, are using armoured vehicles traveling around the region and sent to operations with choppers. It was revealed that the 'Dagger Team' has been specially assigned and sent to the Zap, Metîna and Avaşîn regions. It was reported that the "Dagger Team" was used in the tunnels in the region.

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