Raid on Binevş Culture and Art Association: Scores detained

ADANA - Many people, including HDP Provincial Co-chairs Helin Kaya and Mehmet Karakış, were detained during the raids on Binevş Culture and Art Association and houses in Adana. It was stated that citizens were battered during raids and strip search was imposed on a citizen in one of the house raids.
Adana Chief Public Prosecutor's Office issued  warrants for the detention of 38 people, citing an investigation they conducted regarding the Binevş Culture and Art Association. As part of the investigation, raids were carried out on Binevş Cultural Center and some houses in Adana and Diyarbakır. It was stated that the police broke the doors of the houses and battered the citizens during the raids.
Following the search, People's Democratic Party (HDP) Adana Provincial Co-chairs Helin Kaya and Mehmet Karakış, DBP Çukurova Regional Co-Spokespersons Şilan Turğa and Enver Güler, Deputy Mayor of Seyhan Municipality Funda Buyruk and Mehmet Sait Dikmen, Abdurrahman Oral, Hayrettin Öz, Sever Uzun, Mehmet Saruhan, Mahsun Uzun and many people were detained.
While the searches at Binevş Culture and Art Association continued, it was stated that Seyhan Municipality deputy Mayor Funda Buyruk's room in the municipality was also searched.
It was noted that the detainees were taken to the Adana Security Directorate.
It was stated that the citizens were battered by the police in Mehmet Sait Dikmen's house, which was raided by the police. Mehmet Emin Dikmen, the father of detained Mehmet Sait Dikmen, stated that their house was raided early in the morning and explained what he went through as follows: "We told the police to wait and that we were going to open the door. But they kept banging on the door and yelling. The police broke our exterior door and at that moment the window broke. We were injured by the broken glass. They insulted us and battered us. There were children at home and they were traumatised by the events unfold. They pointed their guns at us. What they did was cruel."
It was stated that a woman who was at home during the raid was locked in a room and her clothes were taken off and a strip search was imposed.

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