Elderly Özer couple has been in prison for 51 days: This torture should be ended now

VAN - 80-year-old Makbule Özer, who was arrested with her husband in Edremit and referred to the hospital almost every day due to her health problems, has been in prison for 51 days. The Özer family called for the torture to end.
80-year-old, 53 percent disabled Makbule Özer, who was arrested on May 9 and whose prison sentence of 2 years and 1 month was upheld by the local court for "aiding and abedding a terrorist organisation" in Van, is in Van Type T Prison. Her husband Hadi Özer is being held in Van High Security Prison for 51 days. Makbule Özer is refferred to the hospital almost every day because of her illnesses, while the report of a committee established at Van Regional Training and Research Hospital that she can be "held in prison" causes public condemnations. It was stated that Özer, who was seen at the hospital the previous day, had difficulty walking. Özer, who cannot climb one flight of stairs to go to bed in her ward, sleeps on a bed in the kitchen section, downstairs.
In the contact visit she had with her family the previous day, Özer gave information about what she went through, Özer said: "I can't sleep because of the medication I have to use. I had swelling in my hands and feet. I can't eat because I have osteoporosis. This disease is getting worse day by day and I am unable to walk anymore. I can't stand up and meet my needs. I am constantly being taken somewhere in a wheelchair. I have diabetes and high blood pressure. However, the hospital gave me a report that says I can remain in prison. I am calling on to the conscience of the people."
Talking about the difficulties her mother is experiencing, her daughter Naime Özer said: “It has been 51 days since my parents were put behind bars. My mother's illnesses continue to worsen during this time. It is not possible for my mother, who cannot manage her life even at home without the support of someone, to continue her life in prison. Despite all these diseases, it is not just to give a report to my mother that says she can be "held in prison". My mother is referred to the hospital almost every day. Going back and forth in a ring vehicle from prison to hospital everyday is a torture itself for her. This torture must end."
Stating that almost one ill prisoner dies in prison per day, Özer said: “I don't want my mother, my father, or any ill prisoner to go through this. These people need to be released from prison immediately to be treated. We do not accept the government's policies regarding the prisons and their persecution on the Kurdish people. Everyone who has conscience should be sensitive to this issue and call for my mother and other ill prisoners to be released. This torture must be ended now."

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