Dede: They are trying to create a buffer zone in Yüksekova

HAKKARİ - Stating that the military operations in Yüksekova aims to empty the villages close to the border, HDP MP Sait Dede said: "They are trying to turn Kurdistan into a war zone and create a buffer zone."
Continuing its attacks on Zap, Metîna and Avaşîn regions, Turkey is besieging villages along the border line from Şırnak to Hakkari. The soldiers, who started a military attack on June 26 in the Astenga Reş region around the Şîşemzîn, Xurekana Temo and Xurekana Seyîda villages of Yüksekova district of Hakkari, blockaded the Şîşemzîn village and forced villagers out of the operation zone. The villagers, who were later taken into custody, were tortured by the soldiers. Stating that Turkey harasses the civillian society after every operation, Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Hakkari Deputy Sait Dede said that the only aim is to exploit the area.
Expressing that there has been a policy of extermination, denial and genocide against Kurds throughout the history of the Turkish Republic, Dede said, “The state has been carrying out different policies in the Middle East for the last 6-7 years, and the aim in this context is to deprive the Kurds of their status and to exploit Kurdistan. This war does not target this or that individual. It is against the Kurdish people as a whole. Therefore, anyone who does not consider the interests of the Kurdish people in this century will go down in history as a traitor. The people of Başur (South) should also raise their voices against the operations launched in the region. The aim of the attacks is to take the Kurdish lands under their control in the new century. For this reason, the Kurds should never, ever stand together with the invaders and those who try to destroy the Kurds, and sit tall in their saddle with dignity against them." 
Stating that with the isolation on PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan getting deeper the war, crisis and chaos in the Middle East intensifies, Dede said: "Everytime the isolation on PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan gets deeper, the oppression on the Kurds sky rockets. The operations in Bashur, the attacks on Rojava, the oppression in Turkey, they all stem from the same crisis. This policy is against all of the Kurds and it is run by the AKP."
Stating that the regional powers continue their policies aimed at eliminating the role and power of the Kurdish people in the Middle East, Dede said, “It is obvious that they will not achieve results with these policies. The governments before the AKP and the previous regional states have tried the same thing many times. They tried to intimidate the Kurds with such practices. But the Kurds have always resisted and will continue to resist these fascist practices.”
Emphasizing that Hakkari is an important place in terms of its location, which has borders with 3 different countries, Dede stated that Turkey wants to break this bond. Dede said: “There is a great pressure on the border villages. They are trying to displace the people here, turn Kurdistan into a war zone and create a buffer zone at the border using these villages. The Kurdish people knows that these operations won't work. The only solution is a meeting with Mr. Öcalan and the negotiations to start."
Dede said that no one should lose hope and raise their voices against these attacks.

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