Tens of thousands to flock to HDP Congress from Istanbul

ISTANBUL - HDP Istanbul Provincial Co-Chair İlknur Birol stated that the general congress of their party will create a historical breaking point in the country and that they will attend the congress with at least 10 thousand people.
Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) will hold its 5th Great Ordinary Congress on July 3 at the Ankara Arena Sports Hall. In the congress, which will be held with the slogan of “Great Struggle, Great Resistance”, messages will be given against all attacks against the HDP, from detentions and arrests of its members and administrators, to attempts to close the party and to “conspiracy” cases.
Following the congress decision taken by the HDP Headquarters, HDP provincial and district organisations in 81 provinces started to work to get the 100,000 participants participate in the congress which is the number of participants aimed by their party. HDP Istanbul Provincial Organisation has been working for days to prepare for the congress. HDP is calling for participation in the congress at the public meetings, visiting homes, visiting political parties and non-governmental organisations in the neighborhoods of 39 districts of the city.
HDP Istanbul Provincial Co-chair İlknur Birol spoke about the preparations for the congress to be held in Ankara.
Stating that the 20-year AKP government and the government's policies brought serious crises in all areas, and that they are even causing a state crisis at the current stage, Birol said: “The government used the tools of pressure and force together with the war policies to overcome these crises. The society now wants a change in the face of these crises and this has been expressed loudly. The congress to be held by the HDP will create a historical break through in this sense."
Stating that the Party Headquarters has been working in line with their target of 100 thousand people for the congress, Birol said: "Our congress following the March 8, Newroz Celebrations and May 1 this year is an action we will take to say 'We are here, we are on out path to victory."
Referring to the preparations in Istanbul, Birol said:"We aim to attend the congress with tens of thousands. We told about the importance of the congress in all the neighborhoods in 39 districts of İstanbul. We are organising our trip to Ankara. We come together with all faith organisations, associations and non-governmental organisations. Our home visits continue. We are greeted with great interest. Our people are already aware of the congress. But we also visit those who are not HDP supporters. Our people see this congress as a response to the attempts to close their party. Our people will be there to show their stance. We will be at the congress to show that this party has people's power behind it, that it cannot be ignored, and that it is an inseparable part of our Turkey. "
Stating that 250 buses were prepared for the congress in Istanbul, apart from private vehicles, Birol also called on the public to participate in the congress.
MA / Ergin Çağlar

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