Gülistan Doku has been missing for a thousand days

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  • 14:04 30 September 2022
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DIYARBAKIR- Munzur University Vocational School Child Development Department 2nd grade student Gülistan Doku has been missing for a thousand days.
There has been no news from Gülistan Doku (21), a sophomore student at Munzur University Vocational School Child Development Department, since January 5, 2020. Doku has been missing for a thousand days today. but the case has not been solved in any way for two years. Zainal Abarakov, the main suspect, was detained and released many times, and despite the reactions of lawyers, family and women's organizations, Abarakov was not arrested.
According to the document entered in Doku's file on June 28, the 3.5-hour security camera footage from the Yellow Saltuk Viaduct, where her phone signal was last detected, and was not clear due to its distance from the road, was sent to the National Criminal Bureau for improvement. Doku family lawyer Ali Çimen mentioned the importance of the footage to come from the National Criminal Bureau and said that the direction of the investigation might change, but there has been no change at the present stage.
The family, which blames Abarakov, whom Doku had last seen with, repeatedly demanded justice and Abarakov's arrest at the courthouse.
There has been no news from Gülistan Doku (21), a sophomore student at Munzur University Vocational School Child Development Department, since January 5, 2020. After arguing with Zaynal Abarakov, whose stepfather was a police officer, in front of a patisserie, Doku was last captured by a security camera getting on a bus. No one has ever heard from her after that and her case into her dissappearance has not been solved so far. Although all the suspicions in the file focused on Zaynal Abarakov and his father Engin Yücer, who was a police officer, no effective investigation was carried out.

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