Anger against isolation in Newroz Square

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  • 13:44 21 March 2023
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AMED - Young people, who carried their rage against the Imrali isolation to the final Newroz, started to fill the square with the slogans "Bê Serok jiyan nabe(There is no life without Apo)" and "Bijî Serok Apo(Long live Apo)".
The final of 2023 Newroz, which was held this year with the motto "Everywhere is Newroz, Everytime is freedom" and dedicated to those who lost their lives in the earthquake, is held in Newroz Park in Amed(Diyarbakır). The people of the city, who flocked to Newroz with the slogans of "Bijî Serok Apo" from all over the city, started to fill the square where the fire would be lit.
There is great rage this year at Amed Newroz, which hosts historical celebrations every year. Rage at the lack of news from PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan, who was held in Imrali Type F High Security Prison under heavy isolation conditions for 24 months, moved to the Newroz square. The young people, who are on their way to Newroz Park in the morning, continue their wait in the square with the slogans of "Bijî Serok Apo".
Yellow, red and green flags and banners of the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP), Greens and Left Future Party (Green Left Party), Socialist Youth Associations Federation (SGDF), and Socialist Party of the Oppressed (ESP) are flying in the Newroz square, which is starting to fill as the minutes pass.
In the Newroz square, where the wait continues with the laments played from the stage, the slogans “Bê Serok jiyan nabe”, “Jin jiyan azadî” and “We will win by resisting” are shouted.

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