Prisoners: Our protest will continue until we achieve our goal

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  • 13:49 7 December 2023
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MÊRDÎN - Prisoners who continue their hunger strike in Konya Ereğli High Security Closed Prison for the physical freedom of PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan said: "Our protest will continue until we reach our goal."
Rotating hunger strike actions launched in prisons in Turkey and Kurdistan in order to end the isolation of PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan, who is held in İmralı Type F High Security Prison, and to ensure his physical freedom, continue. Today, 10 prisoners are continuing their hunger strike in Konya Ereğli High Security Closed Prison, which is one of the prisons where hunger strike actions are continuing, which will be taken over by the second group.
Prisoners Hasan Kılıç and İsmail Çoban, who conveyed the administration's approach to hunger strikes in prison in their open meeting with their families, also shared the message of those on hunger strike to the public.
In their meeting with their families; Prisoners stated that the prison administration frequently caused problems and applied pressure, and that the administration threatened them due to the hunger strike. Prisoners reported that the prison administration frequently said: “You will be in isolation, just like your president and you will not achieve your goal" and made threats such as "Only your corpse will come out of here."
The prisoners also conveyed the message of İbrahim Halil Ercan, who will take part in the second group of the hunger strike, as follows: "We will continue this action that we started for the physical freedom of our Leader. Our aim is to end the isolation and ensure the physical freedom of our Leader. Our action will continue determinedly until we achieve our goal. Let our people outside be the voice of our action. Let them support us. We will bring freedom together.”

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