Israel: Iran attacked with approximately 290 missiles and UCAV

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  • 14:07 14 April 2024
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NEWS CENTER - The Israeli army announced that Iran carried out an attack with approximately 290 missiles and UCAVs, 100 of which were ballistic missiles.

According to the information provided by the Israeli public broadcaster KAN from the army, Iran attacked Israel last night with approximately 100 ballistic missiles, 30 cruise missiles and 160 kamikaze UCAVs. It was stated that simultaneously with Iran's attack, approximately 40 missiles and UCAVs were launched against Israel, from Lebanon, and individually from Yemen and Iraq. The Israeli military claimed that its warplanes, along with other US-led countries, “destroyed more than 20 cruise missiles” outside Israeli territory.
The news stated that no cruise missiles reached Israel, and the ballistic missiles that hit caused minor damage to the infrastructure.
Israel carried out an air attack on Iran's consulate building in Damascus on April 1. A total of 7 people from the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Army, including 2 generals, died in the attack. Iran had announced that Israel's consulate attack meant an attack on its country's territory and that they would retaliate. Israel, on the other hand, stated that it would respond to Iran's attack.
Yesterday, Iran launched an attack on Israel with hundreds of kamikaze unmanned combat aerial vehicles, ballistic and cruise missiles. Iran announced that some military targets were hit, and Israel announced that most of the attacks were prevented by air defense systems, but a missile hit a military base in the south.

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