Hundreds of trees uprooted in Xîzan

BEDLÎS - Hundreds of hazelnut and fruit trees were uprooted with scoops in the village of Xûlepûr, where curfew was declared in Xîzan district of Bedlis.
In the curfew that started on July 2 and lasted for 5 days in 10 villages and hamlets of Xîzan (Hizan) district of Bedlîs(Bitlis), lands belonging to citizens were damaged and hundreds of trees were uprooted with scoops. Mehmet Saki Altun from Xûlepûr village said that his hazelnut and hundreds of fruit trees were destroyed as a result of the scoop brought to the region.
Noting that dozens of construction machines were brought to the village during the ban, Altun said: “After the ban was started, my uncle's house was raided. After the raid, they entered our lands with scoops. Hundreds of hazelnut, walnut and apple saplings were plundered. They destroyed 30 acres of land in seconds. A committee has to come to the village and investigate. The world needs to see this insult, this cruelty. These saplings are our livelihood. Their only aim is to harm us and nature."
Stating that they were forced to migrate under these pressures, Altun said: “These gardens are our livelihood. They rooted out our 100, 80, 70-year-old saplings in the field. They did this to make their way, supposedly; however, there are paths on both sides of the garden. Walnuts, hazelnuts, apples, all trees were destroyed and so I will file a criminal complaint."