Ecologists will be in Cizîr against plunder

ANKARA - Stating that the ecology movements will be in Cizîr tomorrow against the plunder of nature, HDP Co-Chair Naci Sönmez said: "There is no salvation from Akbelen to Cudi alone."
Ecological plunder continues with deforestation at many points in Turkey from Kurdistan. The Akbelen Forest in Muğla's Milas district, the forested area in Doğanyurt village in Ankara Beypazarı, the forested areas in Sivas's Avcıpınar village are being destroyed for mines. The forest area in Rize is being destroyed on the grounds of the National Garden. Lemon and orange groves in Mersin were left to dry for hotels and residences. While cyanide is used in an area of 37 hectares for the gold mine exploration and gold mine separation initiated in Melleqere village of Giyadin (Diyadin), Agirî, forest rangers have been cutting trees on Cûdî Mountain in Şirnex since 2019.
Evealating that the ongoing ecological destruction in Kurdistan and Turkey, Naci Sönmez, Co-Chair of the Democratic Party of the Rings (HDP) Ecology Commission said: "The ecological destruction in Kurdistan is a policy of dehumanization. Non-intervention in the fires in Cudi, indifference, interfering with those who want to intervene is the well-known policy of the government. The ecological destruction carried out in the west of Turkey became brutal after the elections. Akbelen has a special feature. Akbelen has become something that has been socialized for more than 2 years, where the local people have demonstrated their will in the field of ecological struggle. Akbelen became hope, hope became Akbelen. That's why it's being attacked politically. They think that when they can regress this social solidarity, the basis of social struggle, they will break up the resistance and make it local. They do not want an integrated social opposition dynamic in the field of ecological struggle. For this reason, a state, power politics is being carried out."
Stating that the ecology policy carried out is a policy compatible with the policy of international capitalism, and that natural assets are seen as commodities, Sönmez said: “However, nature is a whole and we humans are a part of it. This is essentially a war policy aimed at destroying the ecosystem. This situation includes a state of war against the struggle, against the centers of resistance. For this reason, we consider the resistance in the field of ecological struggle as the war policy of the government and we are trying to take a stance against it.”
Sönmez continued as follows: “We advocate unifying the struggle from Akbelen to Cudi, from Cudi to Akbelen in the ecological struggle. We care about the politics of ecology. The struggle for ecology is now a paradigm, an idea. We desire an ecological and democratic society. We will continue to follow up on this. We will concentrate all our efforts in this area.”
Sönmez stated that they will be in the Cizîr (Cizre) district of Şirnex with their ecology movements on August 5, and said: “There is no salvation alone. It's either all of us or none of us. We will survive together." 
MA / Yüsra Batıhan