Ecological massacre with dynamite on Mount Cudi

ŞIRNEX - Dynamite exploded around the quarry established for the construction of military towers and new roads on Cûdî Mountain is causing ecological destruction.
Ecological destruction has been going on for 3 years in the Cûdî mountain range, which has an altitude of 2 thousand 144 meters in Şirnex(Şırnak). While some parts of Cudi Mountain continue to be banned from time to time for security reasons, it has been reported that ecological destruction continues in many regions with the approval of Şırnak Governorship. The governorship, which bans people from entering their lands and fields for "security" reasons, continues the construction of roads, police stations, security towers and military base points in the region.
A police station was built last year near the Assyrian village of Hesana, on the slope of Cudi Mountain overlooking the Silopiya (Silopi) district. Tens of thousands of trees in the rural part of the village were cut down and destroyed by the village rangers. While 55 military towers were built on Cûdî Mountain in the last 4 years, Şırnak Governorship, which continues the ecological plunder, built a total of 69 kilometers of reinforced concrete roads, 55 kilometers of which are from Şirnex and 14 kilometers from Silopiya, to provide access to military base areas and security towers. Tens of thousands of trees around the road and towers were also cut down by village rangers under the supervision of soldiers.
It was stated that a quarry was established in the rural part of Cifanê village for the construction of military security towers, base areas and reinforced concrete roads leading to them. In the image taken in the region, activities at many points of the mountain reveal ecological plunder. Dynamite is exploded at different points of the mountain to obtain stones, causing great damage to nature. The rocks that were separated from each other during the explosions on the mountain, which was riddled with dynamite, are transported to the quarry with large construction machines. Rangers take footage of the plunder in the region and share it on their social media accounts.