Dynamite plunder in Cûdî continues

ŞIRNEX - Citizens who condemned the destruction of nature with dynamite in the Cûdî Mountain region for the mines of AKP member Süleyman Bölünmez, demanded that the work in question be stopped as soon as possible.
Ecological plunder is being deepened in many areas on Şirnex's Cûdî Mountain, which are banned by the governorship for "security" reasons. AKP businessperson Süleyman Bölünmez, who operates many coal mines in the region, has been carrying out tunnel work on Cudi Mountain for a year. On the one hand, Bölünmez plunders nature, and on the other hand, the dynamites he detonates in the tunnel cause damage to the surrounding villages. Dynamite exploded for the tunnel passing near the village of Avgamasya in Şirnex center, causing cracks in the villagers' houses. Anxious villagers demanded that the work be stopped as soon as possible.
Stating that there was no peace in the village due to the dynamite explosions, 
Mustafa Güngen (40), one of the villagers said: “We have started tunnel work for a year. While coal spreads pollution around, it also pollutes our water. The construction of this tunnel caused serious damage to us. Our water tanks have decreased, our water resources have dried up. This tunnel is taken under the village. Dynamite is detonated. We want this work to be stopped and we want what we deserve. We petitioned the necessary authorities to stop these dynamite explosions and this tunnel work. But the authorities do not hear our demands. There are cracks in our houses and serious damage was caused due to dynamite. State authorities must find a solution to this problem. They took this tunnel under our village without us knowing. We used to have vineyards and gardens, but they destroyed them all. Now we have nothing left. Ecological destruction is happening all over the village." 
Vesile Güngen (38), one of the villagers who said that the tunnel taken under the village caused serious damage, said: “We have not been able to do anything since the day the work on this tunnel started. Our houses are damaged due to dynamite explosions. We cannot sit in our homes. Due to the explosions, the tiles in the house fell to the ground. I just built my house, but as you can see, cracks appeared due to the dynamite explosions. We petitioned, hired a lawyer and filed a lawsuit to stop this work. All we want is for them to stop this work. They started this work without our knowledge and without permission from the villagers. One day they told us, 'It will lead to the mines under the indivisible village.' Apart from this, not even any information was given. The village is no longer safe. There is ecological plunder from every side."
Stating that the tunnel work was started without the approval of the villagers, Asya Güngen said: “Our water has not been flowing properly since the day the work of this tunnel started. We are shaken as if dynamite is being detonated under our houses. When the dynamite explodes, the village shakes and we cannot stay at home." 
MA / Zeynep Durgut