'Environmental disaster' warning

ANKARA - Stating that the warnings of experts in Licik district were not taken into account, Hüseyin Alan, Chair of the Chamber of Geological Engineers, said that if the necessary precautions are not taken, an environmental disaster that will last for years will occur with the pollution of water, soil and air.
Three days have passed since the mine disaster in Erzîngan's Licik (Iliç) district. Nine workers who were trapped under cyanide soil in the landslide that occurred in the mine belonging to Anagold Madencilik, a partnership of Canadian SSR Mining and Çalık Holding, have still not been reached.
While experts make statements that the huge pile of soil sliding towards the Euphrates River consists of materials washed with cyanide and sulfuric acid, it is noted that the distance of the mine to the river is 300 meters as the crow flies. On the other hand, in June 2022, the pipe carrying cyanide in the gold mine burst and toxic waste was mixed into the Iliç Dam on the Euphrates River.
Hüseyin Alan, Chair of the Chamber of Geological Engineers (JMO), affiliated with the Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects (TMMOB), stated that experts have made many warnings about this mine for years, but their warnings were not considered.
Reminding that Anadolu Gold A.Ş. has been frequently brought to the agenda by professional organizations, non-governmental organizations and environmental organizations for many years, Alan stated that the main concern is that cyanide-polluted water or material will be discharged into the Euphrates River in the event of a possible collapse or similar risk. However, he stated that the company and the permitting authorities did not take the concerns into account. Stating that they also blamed those who expressed their concerns, Alan said: "They were reading these reactions as 'an obstacle to Turkey's development'."
Chair of the Chamber of Geological Engineers Hüseyin Alan
Recalling the cyanide leak that occurred in the gold mine of the Anagold Company in Licik in June 2022, Alan said: “This issue was again brought to the agenda intensely by the press and publications at that time. However, as a result of the findings it made in this region, the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change stopped the production processes in the existing facility for around 7 and 8 months. Then, it justified the fact that the necessary precautions were taken and enabled the business to start operating." 
Recalling the statements of the Minister of Internal Affairs Ali Yerlikaya that there is no flow into the Karasu River, he said that cyanide is a very poisonous substance and will mix with the water. He emphasized that cyanide mixed in water will also pollute the soil, harm the vegetables and fruits growing in the soil, and may poison people.
Alan pointed out that mining activities must be carried out taking into account scientific and technical requirements and said: “This is not done in Turkey. Therefore, we need to reconsider mining policies and take necessary measures. Otherwise, the events that occur today and cause major environmental disasters will cause both loss of life and environmental disaster. The Euphrates basin has been polluted, we are facing a major environmental disaster. Of course, there will be mining, but the necessary precautions must be taken. In my opinion, there are important deficiencies and errors in both the project design and implementation processes. We need to take strict measures and monitor, control and supervise these measures we take. The authorities neither monitor nor control nor carry out their inspection activities properly. For this reason, we are experiencing a process that is left entirely to the initiative of mining companies. The consequences it brings are a heavy cost to society."