İZBAN workers: Strike is a kind of unemployement

İZMİR- İzban workers have started a stoppage this morning for their demand of salary increase was denied. Demiryol-İş Union İzmir Branch President Hüseyin Ervüz said: "We will not accept the wages between 850 TL- 2 thousand 500TL which our members can barely  live from hand to mouth."
When Demiryolu Workers Union (Demiryol-İş) İzmir Branch did not accept the salary raise of 19.43 percent offer of the İzmir Banliyö System A.Ş (İZBAN),343 workers have started a stoppage in front of Alsancak Train Station in Konak. 
In the press statement supported by People's Democratic Party (HDP) İzmir Parliamentarian Murat Çepni and  the HDP components, a banner writing 'There is a stoppage in this workplace' was opened.
Ervüz said: "We would like our employers who offers a salary under the hunger limit to know that a work stoppage is a sort of unemployement. No one can afford a strike, to live with no salary otherwise.We have started to implement the strike decision that we have taken in accordance with our legal and social responsibilities."