Those who are waiting in line for the government vegetable stalls are asking: Does wealthy people wait in queues?

ANKARA- Citizens who are kept waiting in queues in fron of fruit and vegetable stalls installed by the government, complains about the lack of affordability. Citizens think that a permanent solution must be found. One of the citizens waiting in the queue, Mahmut Açıköz, said: "Does wealthy people wait in queues to buy vegetables?"
While the AKP government has established sales points before the upcoming the local elections against the increase in the prices of vegetables, the citizens whose purchasing power gradually decreasing is trying to make purchases by waiting in long queues at the sales points established in Ankara and Istanbul.
Citizens waiting in the long queues, despite the cold weather at the sales point at Sıhhiye, believe that the government stalls are not a solution.
Responding to Erdogan's statement saying “These are the queues of wealth", Mahmut Açıköz, one of the citizens waiting in the sales queue said, "The economic crisis has affected us from the beginning. It is hard to maintain life. Life is expensive. We are retired. Our pension doesn't cover our basic needs, so we wait in these queues. Does wealthy people wait in queues? These vegetable stalls have a limited time. They will remove them after the elections. So these stalls does not help us, it doesn't work. And they are not everywhere, yes we can buy stuff here but a lot of people can't because they do not have these stalls in their cities. There are a few stalls in metropols. The solution is production. We used to be one of the 7 countries that were able to feed themselves. Now we are ranking in 100's. There is nothing left from this country."