Hundreds of workers are working side by side despite the pandemic

SAKARYA- Despite the threat of coronavirus outbreak, hundreds of workers are working side by side at the North Marmara Motorway construction site.
The workers working in the construction site of the highway between Kurtköy and Akyazı, to built the Northern Marmara Highway Project, are working without any precaution despite the threat of coronavirus (COVID-19). The subcontractor of Cengiz-Limak companies, the ADR Construction Firm forces hundreds of workers to work together in unsanitary conditions and the workers have to eat all together.
Stating that no precautionary measures were taken, the workers said, even the very general and basic cleaning of the dining hall and wards are not done properly. Workers stated that they had to sleep 8 people in the wards of four. The workers, who noted that they did not have life safety, said, the workers at the construction site, where hundreds of officials had already visited din the opening ceremony are left to die on the construction site.