Beştaş: The attitude of the police paves the way for massacres

ANKARA -  Regarding the phone records of the hitman Altun, the killer of the Dedeoğulları family, HDP Group Chairperson Meral Danış Beştaş said "It is seen that such massacres were caused by the words, actions and attitudes of the law enforcement."
According to the voice records of Mehmet Altun who spoke to his family on the phone in prison it is noticed that Altun repeats over and over againg that "the state was behind him" and that the state is taking very good care of him. While Altun said that the police helped him while he was giving his statement to the police, Altun's uncles often emphasized that he is in the compassionate hands of the state during the visits.
The new records in the case file increased the suspicions about the names of those who are behind the massacre. Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Group MP Chairperson and attorney Meral Danış Beştaş said that the confessions in the newly released audio recordings are a reflection of the policy of impunity.
Stating that it is a reckless situation for the murderer to talk to his family in a very relaxed manner, Beştaş said, "Even though there are sentences such as 'it would have been better if it had not happened' between the lines that the murderer's family did not actually regret this incident, they still believe that they did something good. At the same time, it is seen that such massacres were caused by the words, actions and attitudes of the law enforcement. The protection of the family by the police shows the extent of this hostility. It also shows that the current policy of the system set peoples against each other and fuels hostility and opposition."
Pointing out that the statements of the hitman Altun and his family are the results of the impunity policy, Beştaş said: “It reveals how the policy of impunity pave the way for new incidents. They believe that the case will result in impunity, and they express their belief openly. This is the policy of impunity that we always express. It is constantly repeated historically, starting from the authorised persons, to the police, law enforcement, the judiciary, and the higher courts. However, throughout our recent history, we have experienced bitterly that the policy of impunity has led to new massacres, murders and incidents. It is a humanitarian and conscientious responsibility for everyone to protest this policy with all their might.”
Underlining that Altun being chosen for the Dedeoğulları family points to the policy of impunity, Beştaş said, “One of the main points of the impunity policy is that a person, is chosen as a victim is shown as the perpetrator. He is made to accept the charges or he accepts the charges willingly. This is actually something planned. The forces behind it, the instigators, those who planned it, and those who prepared the process, are almost rewarded with not being taken, not arrested, or punished. 
Anyone who graduated from the Faculty of Law knows that the murders were not committed alone in this file or in the Deniz Poyraz file. Even if there is no information, it is not difficult not to know this in the ordinary course of life. In this case, one person is sentenced , others are rewarded. They were almost told 'Well done'. This massacre is not a judicial case. There is racism in the case. This should be severely punished. The fact that they are held accountable with the forces behind, will prevent this from happening again. Justice will be served.”
Beştaş said: "We, as HDP, will follow the case. This family is not alone. This case will not be closed in silence. The democratic public in Turkey, the Kurds, and we, the HDP, will not allow it. We will continue to work for the perpetrators to be punished for the massacre.”
MA / Berivan Altan