Attack on refugees in Osmaniye: Many refugees injured




OSMANİYE - While the gendarmerie opened fire on a group of refugees fleeing the poor conditions of the Temporary Accommodation Center in Cevdetiye Town, a group of racists chased the refugees with guns and lynched them.


A group of Syrian, Afghan and Pakistani refugees jumped off the wires in the Temporary Accommodation Center in Cevdetiye Town of Osmaniye city center yesterday evening. In the footages circulating on the social media, it is heard that the gendarmerie opened fire after the refugees trying to get out of the Temporary Shelter Center by breaking the wires. In the footages, it is seen that some refugees injured and they could not be determined whether they were dead or not. It is seen that refugees are running in groups on the street, some racist groups are shooting behind them with guns, these groups are looking for refugees and they are attempting to lynch some refugees. According to the information obtained, it was stated that the refugees could not stand the poor conditions of the center any longer and tried to escape. 


Osmaniye Governor's Office made a statement on the subject. In its statement, the Governor's Office said:”A group of foreigners in Osmaniye Cevdetiye Temporary Shelter Center attempted to escape this evening at around 22:00, the situation was brought under control by the private security of the temporary shelter center and the Gendarmerie.  At the first moment of the incident, 35 refugees escaped from the center by jumping the wires, and all of them were caught by the Provincial Gendarmerie.”