HDP congress participants from Europe: We saw the spirit of the Kurdish people

ANKARA - Stating that she was happy to be at the HDP's 5th Ordinary Congress, Anti-Capitalist Party Member of Parliament Mireille Court, who came from France said: "Encountering such a crowd despite the pressure of the Turkish government shows us the spirit of the Kurdish people."
In addition to the intense participation from Turkey and the cities of the region, political party representatives, embassies and activists from Europe and the Middle East took part in the 5th Ordinary Grand Congress of the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP). Activists coming from European countries to the congress made evaluations about the enthusiasm in the hall.
Mireille Court, an Anti-Capitalist Party Member of Parliament from France, stated that she is happy to be at the HDP's 5th Ordinary Congress. Mireille said: “Facing such a crowd, despite the pressure from the Turkish government, shows us the spirit of the Kurdish people. We are here to be in solidarity with the HDP and to show the HDP that it is not alone in the face of this pressure. We will continue to cooperate with HDP.”
BILDU Basque Party Member of Parliament Igor Zulaika, who came from Spain, noted that he has been in Turkey for a few days. Noting that they attach great importance to shouldering the HDP in such a process, Igor Zulaika said: “It is inspiring to see this enthusiasm here. Despite all the pressure and all the Erdogan government has done, people are full of joy and hope. The Basque people, who know very well the oppression of both the French and Spanish governments, are on the side of the Kurdish people and the resisting Turkish peoples. Our parties were treated as illegal parties, our parties were closed. Dozens of our politicians were thrown into prisons. In this sense, it is very important for us to be here to show solidarity with the HDP, which has been subjected to this oppression, and to say to the Kurdish people that 'you are not alone'. I hope HDP will achieve great success in the coming years. We stand by HDP.”
Expressing that they will implement Letter to the prisoners campaign they planned in their own country as soon as they return from Turkey, Igor Zulaika said: “We wanted to start a letter campaign to the political prisoners in Turkey, to the Kurdish prisoners, and we were making some preparations for this. We also have many political prisoners, so we know very well the value of the letter that went to the prison. As internationalists, this is something that should definitely be done. HDP is the only party that can democratize Turkey. That's why we have to raise the struggle, because no one will do it for us. During this struggle, we will stand shoulder to shoulder with the HDP until the end.”
Republican Left Party MP Meritxell Serret from Catalonia stated that they were present at the congress to show solidarity in HDP's difficult times. Meritxell said: “The HDP is fighting for freedom and democracy. This is a struggle that we, as Catalans, fight. We understand very well the HDP and the situation it is in and how important it is to their struggle. Seeing this power, this excitement here inspires us. Here we see the power of democracy. It's nice to have peoples together. We will not allow the criminalization of people who defend our freedom against tyrants. HDP's struggle is also our struggle. Those who want to see the power of the people should look at this hall. We can win all our freedoms, including freedom of expression, by working together, democratically. The Kurdish people should be proud of themselves and their potential. We fully believe that this power will pay off, that the HDP will win and that it will achieve the necessary change in Turkey. You are an inspiration to many countries around the world fighting for their freedom.”