Sancar shows way to solutions: Don’t play games over Imrali


ANKARA - Showing the ways to solve all the problems in the country, especially the Kurdish Question, HDP Co-Chair Mithat Sancars aid: ”We see that the discussions about the isolation in Imrali are increasing. Do not play games over isolation.”

The 5th Ordinary Grand Congress of the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP), held in Ankara Sports Hall and attended by tens of thousands from all over, continues with great enthusiasm. Starting his speech by greeting tens of thousands of Kurdish in Kirmancî and Kirmançki dialects, Arabic, Turkish, English, German and Arabic, HDP Co-Chair Mithat Sancar said: “We have a solution program for every problem of the country, We are the Solution. Greetings to all people all over this country. Salute to all workers, laborers of the country and the world, to those who want equality and freedom and fight for it. Salute to the women who pay the price with their lives every day in this country, and to our female comrades who are marching to overthrow the male-dominated order day by day by forming these resistances and strong solidarity networks. Greetings to all the beautiful people who took care of their water, soil, plain, stream and plateau against the attacks of the government and the rent gangs around them. Greetings to you from all faith communities, especially Alevis, who are excluded because of their beliefs. Young people, it is not enough to greet you, we give you our heart and our way, you will make this way bigger. I greet you with great strength and faith.”
Drawing to attention to HDP’s power, Sancar said: “Never in its history has Turkey's dominant understanding and traditional politics encountered such a stable and determined policy, and such an organised struggle. The government is uncomfortable with HDP for this reason. The fact that we are the strongest alternative to their unequal, authoritarian, exploitative and robber systems frightens them. That's why they are attacking with all their might, trying to silence us, they think they will destroy us. Decades of struggle, determination to struggle, all the rights we march together, especially the Kurds, and the determination of the democratic forces will nullify all these plans.”
Drawing attention to Kurdish Question, Sancar said: “The approach to HDP and the approach to Kurdish politics and their representatives are destroying democracy and peace in this country. We have solutions for the problems of all of these segments. We made a promise when we set out on this road, we are the solution, we have more to say. We propose a process in which the parliament is at the center for the democratic solution of the Kurdish question. It speaks of a peace process in which all political parties and all segments of society are involved as widely as possible.  It should provide transparency, it should ensure it. It will make participation possible. Without these, it is not possible to bring the peace process to a solution and make it permanent. A few steps can be taken, these are not difficult steps. Even if it is difficult, it should be taken. These are the steps that ensuring rights-based equal citizenship, recognition of identity rights, especially education in mother tongue, accepting and building local democracy, repairing all the damage created through the judiciary, eliminating all political convictions and lawsuits with their consequences, extortion of political will and gains, especially municipalities ending the trustee regime in every field, and the place where these will be negotiated and implemented should be the parliament. A strong will for peace and solution must be put into practice. HDP is the main actor and founding power in this regard. It is ready to fulfill all kinds of duties and responsibilities that fall on it. ”
Underlining the Isolation is used by the government, Sancar said: “As the elections approach, we see that the Kurdish question is primarily intended to be turned into a tool for its own interests by the government. In this context, the recent discussions about the isolation in Imrali need to be evaluated within this framework. We warn the government, do not play games on isolation, do not use such an important and sensitive issue that concerns the entire country and the region as a tool for your political and power goals. Even if you try to do it, you will not succeed. Do not speak for Öcalan, do not try to mislead the people. End the isolation and provide all the means to which Abdullah Öcalan has a right to let the public know what he thinks. I would like to address other opposition parties from here. The issue of isolation is too serious and important to be left to the manipulations of the government. Opposition and democracy forces must also demand the creation of conditions that will enable the actor whose decisive contribution to peace has been proven many times in the past to play this role now. Isolation does not contribute to a solution in this country, on the contrary, it deepens the deadlock and so we say that the principle, seriousness, determination and will for solution and peace are HDP and the peoples.”
Drawing attention election, Sancar said: “In the presidential election,  our stance is clear. We are open to negotiations and the idea of a joint candidate, as we have stated in our position document, in case of open and transparent negotiations in front of the public. If this does not happen, the option to enter the elections with our rightful candidate remains a strong option. For this, we will walk the path by discussing this with our components, our partners and our people. Millions want to  change, the government. Hunger and poverty are on the rise. The false plundering system is exploiting the country and dragging it to disaster. We are the address of the strongest struggle against this system, the government and the order that created it.”