Kobané Case: Open a path for the facts to be revealed


ANKARA - Stating that Kobané Case is a political case, Attorney Cahit Kırkazak asked why the ECtHR decisions are not implemented in political cases and said: "We will see that at the end of the trial. Truth will come out at the end of this trial. Open a path for the facts to be revealed.

The hearing of the Kobané Case against 108 people including the former Co-Chairs of the party continues after the break.

Erhan Ürküt, attorney of HDP RTÜK member Ali Ürküt said: "We can't find those articles from ANF that you have put into the indictment from Google. Because there is an access ban on ANF News. My client Ali Ürküt has given his statement to the prosecutor on his own will 3 times. He has been abroad 7 times with a diplomatic passport and came back everytime. On what grounds do you decide continuation of detention claiming he is at flight risk?"


Mustafa Kemal Baran, the lawyer of the former HDP MYK member Meryem Adıbelli, stated that the indictment was not served to most of the detainees. Stating that access to the indictment and defense materials is difficult due to the pandemic conditions, Baran emphasized that the trial calendar should be given considering these conditions.


Baran said: "You demanded that we prove that you have recieved instructions. No one can do that. No one would give you instructions writing it to a paper. Don't mock our intelligence. Don't make fun of our minds. We understand that you have received instructions from this; You have turned things that are not in the indictment to proof with preliminary proceedings report . You didn't implement the ECtHR decisions and you did not accept our demand for recusal. This is an intervention in teh justice system. Not one single prosecutor have filed a criminal complaint. How did that happen? I'll tell you how it happened. You have recieved instructions!"


Cahit Kırkazak, attorney of former HDP Co-Chairs Selahattin Demirtaş and Figen Yüksekdağ said: "We can not understand if you are a victim of people giving you instructions or you are partizans with a motivation to criminalize us. You have been placing police officers and gendermeries in the seats of the attorneys. Are you not implementing the ECtHR decision because you have an attitude against political prisoners and Kurds? We will see that at the and of the hearing. Truth will come out at the end of this hearing. Open the path to reveal the truth. We have seen so many anonymous witnesses that did not exist."

The hearing continues with the defences of attorneys.