Kobané Case attorney: One-man regime in effect in court


ANKARA - Cahit Kırkazak, one of the lawyers in the Kobanê Case, stated that they saw the reflections of the "one-man regime" in the courtroom and said: "If their plan with the judicial process succeeds, there'll be no law in Turkey anymore."

The third hearing of the law suit against the former co-chairs of the Peoples' Democratic Party, and the Central Executive Board members and party executives is on its fourth day. 108 people, 24 of whom are currently behind bars is on trial for supporting the protests regarding the ISIS attacks against Kobané. The hearing continues with the defence of the politicians at the Ankara 22th High Criminal Court in Sincan Prison Campus.
Cahit Kırkazak, one of the attorneys of the case evaluated the trial process and the attitude of the court board.
 Kırkazak said that the purpose of the Kobanê Case was to liquidate the HDP and that the aim of the law suit against the HDP is revenge. Kırkazak said: "The government first said they were proud of the people injured in Kobané and right after their treatment, they filed this law suit. It was a conspiracy law suit. In this conspiracy case, neither local legislation, domestic law nor international law was taken into account. In particular, they continue to adopt an attitude that contradicts international law. We see that this reflects in the courtroom."
Expressing that they saw the reflections of the “one-man regime” in the courtroom, Kırkazak said: "We define this trials as political trials. But this trial today is beyond political. We can clearly define them as rude and tyrannical. And we see the indications of it with the paramilitary groups being taken to the court room, with the attitude of the court board. The one-man regime can clearly be seen at the court room. This trial process is a new method of the government. If their plans succeed, there'll be no law in Turkey. The courts will be places where people are arbitrarily punished. The court board is trying to formally complete this pre-determined theater of a trial. "