HDP parliamentary group demonstrates in solidarity with Semra Güzel


ANKARA - The HDP MP Semra Güzel is to be stripped of her parliamentary immunity after a smear campaign orchestrated by the media. In the run-up to the parliamentary session, the HDP parliamentary group demonstrated united solidarity.

In the Turkish National Assembly, the parliamentary immunity of HDP MP Semra Güzel is about to be lifted. Before the session began, her parliamentary group demonstrated solidarity with the Kurdish politician. The deputies of the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) walked united to the parliament holding signs that read "No to the coup against democratic politics", "Semra Güzel represents the will of the people" and "Jin Jiyan Azadî" (Woman, Life, Freedom).

The entire HDP parliamentary group will participate in the parliamentary debate on the lifting of Semra Güzel's immunity. The vice-chairman of the parliamentary group, Saruhan Oluç, will give the defence speech.


Semra Güzel is facing a prison sentence for treason and terrorism. The groundwork for this was laid by an elaborate and state-directed defamation campaign against the Kurdish politician and doctor. The starting point were photos showing Güzel with the guerrilla fighter Volkan Bora (Nom de Guerre: Koçero Meletî). The photos were taken in 2014 in a guerrilla camp in southern Kurdistan, when a delegation of the HDP visited the PKK with state knowledge as part of the peace process to discuss further steps towards de-escalation.

HPG guerrilla Volkan Bora, who died in April 2017 during Turkish air strikes in the province of Adıyaman in northern Kurdistan, was Güzel's former fiancé. From the pictures with him, the prosecution constructs accusations such as "membership in a terrorist organisation" and "financing terrorism" against the politician. Allegedly, Güzel had visited PKK camps in Southern Kurdistan several times even after fighting had resumed. The HDP said that the defamation campaign was a propaganda manoeuvre in the course of the proceedings to ban the party. If Güzel is convicted, she is likely to be imprisoned for many years.