Photo story of HDP congress


ANKARA - Colorful images were reflected to photos at the HDP's 5th Ordinary Great Congress.

HDP 5th Ordinary Grand Congress convened in Ankara with the participation of tens of thousands. In the congress, where thousands of people came under the threat of closure of HDP, İmages reflected to photos gave important messages.

Tens of thousands commemorated those who lost their lives in the struggle for democracy.

The crowd gathered around Reşo, the congresss’junior drummer.

Ankara shopkeepers, who have been following HDP congresses for a long time, sold tea, saying "the smuggled tea is here".

The crowd outside the hall danced the  halay.

HDP delegates are on duty early in the morning.

Many people came to the congress hall carrying olive branches. Citizens, reminding what happened in Afrin, said that the olive branch is not a symbol of war, but of the peace of their people.

Women wearing purple traditional clothes were the center of attention at the entrance of the hall.

A moment of silence…

Peace Mother was in a live broadcast during the congress.

16 free press workers were not forgotten.

Hdp co-chairs Pervin Buldan and Mithat Sancar toured the hall while people shoutee slogans

Azadi Kaya, who became a phenomenon with the words of PKK Leader Öcalan said, "The life longed for is not achieved by miracles, but by revolution”, attended the congress.

The workers, who worked for days to prepare for the congress, which hosted tens of thousands of people, had the opportunity to rest at noon.

The audience, which could not fit into the hall, followed the congress on the giant screens.

Women carried yellow, red and green colors in the hall.

HDP component structure greets congress.