Êzidî women sold as slaves on parliamentary agenda

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  • 13:15 4 August 2020
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ANKARA - HDP's Feleknas Uca asked how was the women sold as slaves by ISIS brought to Turkey's capital city Ankara this easily.

Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Batman MP Feleknas Uca brought the issue of the Êzidî women who were kidnapped and sold as slaves by ISIS being found in Ankara to parliamentary agenda. Uca asked the following questions for Vice President Fuat Oktay to answer:
"* Is that normal when women sold as slaves to be found in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey? How are these children and women sold as slaves were able to be brought to Ankara this easily by ISIS families?
* Is this ISIS family that has been keeping a young woman as a slave in Ankara, torturing her systematically walking free in Ankara? Is there an investigation launched against this family for trafficking, abuse and torture? If not, why hasn't an investigation been started yet?
* How do you explain a family affiliated with ISIS which is known by the government coming and going in and out of the country when there are thousands of law enforcement officers doing ID checks at every step?
* How can these militants who had carried out multiple bombings in Turkey that claimed the lives of dozens of people are able to reside in Turkey's capital? How did you tolerated these people to live in the capital city of Turkey while trafficking women? Who allowed this to happen?
* An ISIS member that detain a women in Keçiören in 2019 was taken into custody. Was this person charged with trafficking, kidnapping, deprivation of liberty, torture and abuse? If this person was not charged yet, what is the reason for it, is he still walking around freeliy in the capital city?
* Is there an investigation against the ISIS family who left two siblings that they abducted to Kırşehir Orphanage?
* Why is the government allowing the web sites on slave trade while restircting the right to recieve news by intervening the social media?
* Do you have any work to prevent the crimes committed by ISIS? "