Yazidi women organize around 'jin, jiyan, azadi'

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  • 13:37 23 November 2022
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NEWS CENTER - Organizing women from house to house, from village to village as part of the November 25 events in Shengal, TAJÊ members said: “In 2014, Yazidi women were cut into pieces. But now Öcalan's idea and philosophy are the cure for the wounds of Yazidi women.”
The Yazidi community, which has been subjected to 74 massacres throughout history due to their beliefs, experienced the last massacre in 2014 with the attack of ISIS on Shengal. While Yazidi men were massacred en masse, women and girls were sold in slave markets. After 74 massacres, Yazidis, especially women, started to stand against the attacks by organizing. Yazidi women, who formed their own self-defense, were organized around the philosophy and ideas of PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan against these attacks of total annihilation and destruction.
Under the leadership of the Yazidi Free Women's Movement (TAJÊ), Êzidî women in Shengal started the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, on November 25 this year, with the slogan “Jin, jiyan, azadî.” It continues its efforts to raise awareness of women against violence against oppression, threats and all attacks in villages.
TAJÊ Coordination member Neam Bedel and manager Syria Xelef talked about their struggle against violence against Yazidi women.
Stating that Yazidi women are organsed around PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan's women's paradigm, Neam Bedel said: “We gave a seminar on violence against women on November 22. We will have a mass march in Shengal on November 25. Now we continue our work in villages and neighborhoods. Thousands of years ago, women were the pioneers of the societies in which they lived. But then women were persecuted. The roles of women were stolen. There should be no distinction between men and women. We are fighting for this and we want equality. We will fight until we create a society where women and men are equal. We must fight for the elimination of this discrimination and for women to regain the freedom they achieved centuries ago. Women have been resisting since the last massacre because here Rêber Apo's ideas sprouted. Women are resisting the male mentality and male state mentality. Yazidi women will no longer bow down," he said.
Stating that Yazidi women were divided into groups in 2014, Bedel said: “But now Öcalan's ideas and philosophy are healing women's wounds. Women are making history in Iran today. We salute their resistance; We call it jin, jiyan, azadi. Women must stand up and resist oppression wherever they are, whatever language, religion, or opinion they hold.”
Statinaid that Yazidi women organized themselves around Öcalan's ideas and said: “The Yazidi women faced a lot of difficulties. We witnessed it all; therefore, we must choose the struggle. We must organise ourselves as best we can. Organizing is not a shame, the real shame is to bow down. Many women are still in the hands of ISIS. We must fight to save and liberate these women. PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan in building organized the power of Êzidî women. We could not go to the bazaar in the past. But now we want what is our right everywhere and in every field. This was thanks to Mr. Öcalan. Long live those who fight and resist against male domination.”