Police killed a woman in Istanbul

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  • 14:23 12 December 2022
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İSTANBUL - A young woman named Zuhal Ebrar Yıldız (18) was killed by a police bullet in Beyoğlu.
Zuhal Ebrar Yıldız (18) was killed by police bullets in Kaptanpaşa Neighborhood in Beyoğlu, Istanbul.
The Istanbul Governor's Office made a statement regarding the murder of Yıldız. The governor's office claimed that the police opened fire on two motorcycle riders who were alleged to have stolen, and Yıldız was shot at the same time. Yıldız was taken to Cemil Taşçıoğlu hospital and the Governor's Office stated that the young woman died. While the Governor's Office did not reveal the names of the police officers who murdered Yıldız, it noted that the police were taken into custody. The Governor's Office said that the people alleged to have stolen were B.P. and S.C..