'The truth of women in Rojava scares the rulers'

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  • 13:59 21 December 2022
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URFA- Stating that the system built in Rojava frightens the rulers, the Chairperson of the Northern and Eastern Syria Autonomous Administration Women's Board, Adalet Omer said: "We can defeat these plans only with organization and unity. The more we provide the strength of being a society, the stronger we will win."
The nation-state system took Syria with the civil war that started in 2011, which the hegemon power-sharing war had turned into its main base. Against this captivity, Northern and Eastern Syria, or Rojava, as it is known as an organised force, which emerged as an organised force led by the Kurds, set out for an alternative system with the "democratic, ecological, women's libertarian" paradigm based on its own power rather than choosing between the rulers. Women, who are the dynamics of this system, play an important role in the construction, defense and development of the revolution.
Women who declared their victory by defeating ISIS, which terrorized the whole world, in Raqqa, which it declared as the capital, became the name of a free life against the slavery imposed by the patriarchal system. However, the intolerance of the rulers continues with attacks on the system that women, who wiped out the most barbaric face of masculinity from their lands, knitted with a lot of effort under war and embargo. The bombardment that Turkey launched on the night of November 19, especially in the region where it continues its attacks under the name of "survival", has left behind for a month. The fact that one of the first targets of the attacks was Miştenur Hill, where ISIS was broken by the action of Women's Defense Units (YPJ) member Arin Mirkan, once again revealed the intolerance towards women's freedom.
Adalet Omer, Chairperson of the Northern and Eastern Syria Autonomous Administration Women's Board, spoke about the attacks that left behind a month, the ongoing construction and resistance in the region under the leadership of women.
Stating that history is not written correctly for women and societies, Omer said: "Sovereign states write their own history. This history was also written ideologically. They say, 'Women cannot serve in politics, they cannot do military service.' Until today, the ideology that 'women are mindless and powerless' has prevailed. Society has been convinced of this. The place of women in history has not been written. The states have to educate the society according to themselves to maintain their dominance. They know that they cannot enslave society without attacking women for this reason; therefore, sovereign states attack women first."
Saying that the rulers first aborted women and then enslaved the society, Omer said: "Women do not know their own history and are not aware of their social power. The sovereigns continued their existence through the suppression of women. Women played a big role in countries such as France and England, they fought hard but they could not succeed. The reason for this was that this struggle did not have an ideology. The aim was not achieved. In the Rojava Revolution, in addition to leading by fighting, women provided their own autonomy. They ensured women's freedom. Women have been pioneers since the beginning of the Rojava Revolution. They took part in all political, military, economic, cultural and social areas when the autonomous administration was established. The success thus emerged is a model for all women of the world. It should not be forgotten that in order to recognize women, from the pains of women in history for freedom to the burning of women who did not accept slavery, they were transparently conveyed by President Apo. We got involved in the Rojava Revolution."
Emphasizing that this life achieved through struggle and resistance is hope for all women, Omer said: "This has been proven all over the world. Today, our slogan 'Jin, jiyan, azadi' is also being shouted in the Rojhilat serhildan. They take hope from the Rojava Revolution. The capitalist system has enslaved the whole society. For this reason, everyone sees liberation in the freedom of women. They know that they can be free thanks to women. That's why they say 'society cannot be free without women's freedom.' We also continue our struggle to liberate ourselves and our society."
Stating that the existing system is built on the extermination of women, Omer said: "The first target is always women. Women's identity is not recognized in the Middle East. The sovereigns aim to establish their own projects and systems in the Middle East. They aim to dominate the capitalist model in the Middle East under the leadership of the USA. There are women and youth in the solution of problems in the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria. The truth of women in Rojava scares the rulers . This colorful system is not for the dominant powers. The system established in Northern and Eastern Syria is the first in the Middle East, the hope has increased in all the peoples of the country. Nation-states do not want a system where everyone is in power in the society, where different peoples start living with each other, where there is no religion, language or race discrimination, and where justice prevails. That is why the states that constantly try to separate the society are constantly attacking this system. They try to attack as much as they can. They will continue. Russia, Iran, Turkey and even the Syrian Regime did not accept this system. They made plans, they made attacks. By forming many alliances, they targeted this autonomous region. Especially since the Rojava Revolution, the Turkish state has attacked and intervened to make things happen."